Kemper, Kaye capture Cap Tex

Hunter Kemper and Alicia Kaye dominated the men’s and women’s pro fields to win the Cap Tex Triathlon on Memorial Day in Austin, Texas.

Pro Men

Kemper won his second Cap Tex pro title in row with a well balanced attack - 3rd-best 18:40 swim, 3rd-best 55:35 bike split, and race-fastest 32:17 10k run that brought him to the finish in 1:49:09 with a 57 seconds margin of victory over runner-up Joe Maloy and 1:27 over 3rd-place finisher Ben Collins.

Maloy led the swim in downtown Lady Bird Lake, emerging from the water in 18:34 with a 4 seconds advantage on Eric Lagerstrom, 6 seconds on defending champion Kemper, 7 seconds on Cameron Dye, and 16 seconds on Jon Bird of Canada.

Dye charged to the lead with a race-best 55:02 bike split which was 6 seconds better than Collins, 33 seconds better than Kemper, and 1:05 better than Maloy.

Back on foot, Kemper used his world class speed to run away from the field with a race-fastest split that was 31 seconds better than Maloy, 1:27 better than Collins and 3:46 better than Dye.

Maloy’s race-best 18:34 swim, 4th-best 56:07 bike split and 2nd-best 32:48 run earned him the runner-up spot in 1:50:06.

After a disappointing 14th at the London Olympic, Kemper continued to produce consistent results to wrap up 2012 including 1st at Chicago, 2nd at Hy-Vee, 3rd at the US Pro in Dallas and 4th at Los Angeles. In 2013, which Kemper is approaching in a conservative fashion, he was 4th at Nautica South Beach and 3rd at St. Anthony’s before his win at Cap Tex.

Pro Women

Alicia Kaye of Clermont, Florida combined a 2nd-best 20:44 swim, a dominating 59:56 bike split on the streets of the Texas Capitol, and a 2nd-fastest 37:16 run to finish in 2:01:00 with a 2:34 margin of victory over runner-up Kelly Williamson of Austin and 4:29 over the 3rd-place finisher, 42-year-old Samantha Warriner of New Zealand.

Sara McLarty swam a women’s best 19:03, which gave her a 1:41 advantage over Kaye, 1:43 over Lauren Goss, 1:49 over Warriner, and 1:50 over the ever-improving swim of super-runner Kelly Williamson.

Kaye then took charge of the race with a dominating 59:56 bike split which was 2:19 better than Warriner, 2:27 better than McLarty and 4:31 better than Williamson.

Kaye started the run with a 46 seconds advantage on McLarty, 2:27 on Warriner, 3:49 on Goss, and 4:46 on Williamson. Williamson soon zoomed past McLarty, Goss, and Warriner on her way to a race-best 35:17 run which brought her to 2nd place. McLarty fell to 5th with a 42:15 run. Kaye’s 37:16 run did surrender 1:59 to Williamson’s swift 10k, but she had plenty of margin to hit the finish tape with a comfortable lead. Warriner’s 3rd-best 39:23 run brought the 2008 ITU World Championship bronze medalist home 3rd in 2:05:29.

After placing 2nd at the 2012 Life Time Series, Kaye has had a steady climb to the top of the podium in her 2013 races. She began with a 4th at the Clermont ITU Sprint, took 6th at the Sarasota ITU Pan Am Cup Olympic distance, then hit her stride with the non-drafting races – finishing 2nd at Nautica South Beach followed by wins at St. Anthony’s and now at Cap Tex.

Capital of Texas Triathlon – Life Time Pro Series
Austin, Texas
May 27, 2013
S 1.5k / B 40k / R 10k


Pro Men

1. Hunter Kemper (USA) 1:49:09 - $6,000
2. Joe Maloy (USA) 1:50:06 - $3,750
3. Ben Collins (USA) 1:50:36 - $2,000
4. Cameron Dye (USA) 1:51:32 - $1,125
5. Kevin Everett (USA)1:54:47 - $750
6. Jon Bird (CAN) 1:55:05 - $550
7. Matty Reed (USA) 1:55:57 - $375
8. Eric Lagerstrom (USA) 1:58:28 - $250
9. Dan Tigert (USA) 1:59:21 - $125
10. Francisco Serrano (MEX) 1:59:47 - $75

Pro Women

1. Alicia Kaye (USA) 2:01:00 - $6,000
2. Kelly Williamson (USA) 2:03:34 - $3,750
3. Samantha Warriner (NZL) 2:05:29 - $2,000
4. Sara McLarty (USA) 2:06:57 $1,125
5. Lauren Goss (USA) 2:07:46 - $750
6. Natasha Van Der Merwe (USA) 2:16:02 - $550
7. Sierra Snyder (USA) 2:18:57 - $375