Kevin Moats, positive again, 8yr ban, announces retirement

Age group Ironman competitor Kevin Moats tested positive for exogenous testosterone, in a test taken just prior to the 2017 Hawaiian Ironman World Championship, according to Moats himself. The 63-year-old who's won roughly a half-dozen Hawaiian Ironman world titles has been hit with a second positive for testosterone, he said. Moats contacted Slowtwitch with the news not yet announced by Ironman.

Moats was suspended for exogenous testosterone on January 30, 2012. Moats admitted taking supplemental testosterone then, at his arbitration hearing. He contended then, as he does now, that his use of testosterone is for health reasons and occurs under a doctor's supervision.

However Moats did not seek a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) prior to the test or at any time prior to the arbitration hearing during the run-up to his 2012 ban, and admitted to Slowtwitch that to do so now is fruitless, as USADA is extremely unlikely to issue a TUE for testosterone use, though Moats contends that such a TUE is obtainable by athletes in Europe.

Moats went through the arbitration process to the bitter end in 2012, producing medical documentation in the hope of a positive outcome, which was not forthcoming. He did not contest the result this time, explaining that the likelihood for a result different from 2012 was not high.