Lebrun and Dibens win 2007 XTERRA UK

Resolven, Wales, September 17: Nicolas Lebrun (FRA) used his experience to win the 2007 XTERRA UK event, while Julie Dibens (UK) utilized a great swim and knowledge of the course to win the women's race.

Age grouper Gary Dressel was first out of the water followed closely by USA Champion Seth Wealing. Once on the bike, Wealing and the other pros quickly moved past Dressel and headed out on the quite scenic course in the Welsh mountains. Wealing though took a wrong turn at an intersection and despite calls to turn around, continued on the wrong trail. He would eventually lose enough time where a podium placing was out of the question. Ronny Dietz (GER) was quickest on the trails and would enter T2 just ahead of Felix Schumann (GER) and 45 seconds ahead of Liewe Boonstra (RSA) and Jim Thijs (BEL). Lebrun was next into T2 and would start the run like a gazelle. As Lebrun started to move forward through the field, Dietz started to lose places. Towards the end it was the experienced Lebrun running together with the much younger Schumann. Lebrun then used his mental toughness and beat the younger Schumann by 9 seconds, while Boonstra rounded out the podium.

This second win of the year for Lebrun put him ahead of Dietz for the men’s XTERRA European Tour Championships. Schumann finished third, and Jim Thijs and Liewe Boonstra finished fourth and fifth respectively.

In the women’s race Dibens had an amazing swim and came out of the water with the lead men and 3 minutes up on the next female. Once she was on the bike thee was no looking back. She was very familiar with the terrain of the new 29K bike course as she recently had taught a camp here and it showed. Michelle Lombardi (RSA) would be next in T2 followed immediately by Eszter Erdelyi (HUN). With Dibens long gone on the run the battle appeared to be between Lombardi and Erdelyi, but the Hungarian is a much superior runner and would eventually finish second.

With Erdelyi’s second place in Wales she managed to win the XTERRA European Tour Championships ahead of Sibylle Matter (SUI) and Carina Wasle (AUT).

XTERRA UK 2007 results

Top 5 men:

1. Nicolas Lebrun (FRA) 2:15:28
2. Felix Schumann (GER) 2:15:39
3. Liewe Boonstra (RSA) 2:17:20
4. Ronny Dietz (GER) 2:18:06
5. Jim Thijs (BEL) 2:20:07

Top 5 women:

1. Julie Dibens (GBR) 2:38:19
2. Eszter Erdelyi (HUN) 2:45:04
3. Michelle Lombardi (RSA) 2:49:08
4. Lisa Lieb (USA) 3:09:55
5. Jacqui Slack (GBR) 3:17:46