Nautica South Beach Triathlon

Cameron Dye and Sarah Haskins won the 2011 Nautica South Beach triathlon and collected valuable points towards the Lifetime Fitness Toyota Cup. Enjoy this race day gallery.

All images are courtesy and © Eric Wynn / Lifetime Fitness

A stunning backdrop for the race in South Beach.

Andrew Yoder looks back to check on the competition.

Almost back on shore.

And to the bikes we run.

Potts and Yoder seem to be drag racing South Beach style.

Michael Weiss wanted to check his short course legs.

Empty streets like this are rare in Miami.

Nicole Hofer in pursuit of the leaders.

Racing along palm tree lined roads.

David Thompson checks back in.

Alicia Kaye is floating on air.

So many choices, so little time.

Cameron Dye clearly happy with his win.

The runner-up spot for Nicole Kelleher and she seems not able to believe it.

Big smiles on the faces of the Livestrong sponsored Wassner twins.

The podium for the ladies and a very happy Sarah Haskins with her $10,000 prize.

Age groupers were also racing in South Beach.

A very early start for some folks.

No matter where Rajesh Durbal races, he always is an inspiration.

Nothing needs to be said here.