PTO Rebrands Tour, Announces Dates and Athletes

The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) and World Triathlon have jointly announced the relaunch of the 2024 World Tour, now to be known as the T100 Triathlon World Tour. The tour will encompass eight events spanning three continents, with races taking place from March to November, 2024.

The relaunch further amplifies the agreement between the PTO and World Triathlon, with the T100 Triathlon World Tour designated as World Triathlon’s “official World Championship tour of long distance triathlon.”

World Triathlon President Marisol Casado said, “Together, we aspire to forge a more inclusive, fair, competitive and sustainable landscape for athletes, fans and stakeholders. The T100 Triathlon World Tour exemplifies the tremendous potential that arises when organisations align their visions, fostering a thriving environment for the sport we all hold dear. As we embark on this journey hand in hand, we are steadfast in our belief that together, we can guide triathlon towards a brighter, more exhilarating future.”

The first stop of the T100 Triathlon World Tour will be on March 9-10 in Miami, Florida, corresponding with the existing CLASH Endurance Miami event there. Additional new events being added will take place in California, Dubai, and the yet-to-be designated home of the Grand Final race. Previously announced events include races in Singapore, Ibiza, Lake Las Vegas, and the newly acquired former Challenge London event.

Races will include the now-standard 100 kilometer professional event, as well as age group racing. Six of these events will include the aforementioned 100 kilometer race; the others will follow the existing age-group event structure (e.g., CLASH Miami features a kids race, sprint triathlon/duathlon, and “Miami distance” triathlon/duathlon/aquabike.)

The full schedule is as follows:
March 9-10 - Miami T100 
April 13-14 – Singapore T100 
June TBA - California T100 
July 27-28 - London T100
Sept 28-29 - Ibiza T100
Oct 19-20 - Lake Las Vegas T100
Nov 16-17 - Dubai T100
Nov 29-30 Grand Final

Each race will feature a $250,000 prize pool, with $25,000 to the winner, $16,000 for second, and $12,000 for third. In addition, points are awarded on finish position, with 35 points awarded to the winner, down to a single point for 20th place for regular season races, and a range of 55 down to 4 points for the Grand Final. The T100 Triathlon World Champion, awarded based on points totals at the end of the year, will win $210,000 out of a $2 million prize pool. Between the cash prize pool and athlete contracts, more than $7 million will be awarded in compensation in 2024.

Forty professional athletes will take part of the inaugural T100 World Tour. 32 of these athletes (16 men, 16 women) have earned season-long entries based upon last year’s performance. Eight other slots were awarded off of past performance, importance to host countries, and future potential. Wildcards for each race will be determined by a collaboration between the PTO and World Triathlon, and based upon previously announced criteria such as likelihood of competitiveness and existing World Triathlon/PTO rankings.

Athletes on the full tour schedule must participate in five of the first seven events, as well as the Grand Final.

Athletes announced for the full tour are:
Anne Haug (GER)
Ashleigh Gentle (AUS)
Taylor Knibb (USA)
Lucy Charles-Barclay (GBR)
Laura Philipp (GER)
Kat Matthews (GBR)
Paula Findlay (CAN)
Daniela Ryf (SUI)
Imogen Simmonds (SUI)
Emma Pallant-Browne (GBR)
Chelsea Sodaro (USA)
Marjolaine Pierré (FRA)
Skye Moench (USA)
Tamara Jewett (CAN)
India Lee (GBR)
Amelia Watkinson (NZL)
Holly Lawrence (GBR)
Lucy Byram (GBR)
Taylor Spivey (USA)
Flora Duffy (BER)

Magnus Ditlev (DEN)
Jason West (USA)
Pieter Heemeryck (BEL)
Mathis Margirier (FRA)
Rudy Von Berg (USA)
Leon Chevalier (FRA)
Sam Long (USA)
Daniel Baekkegard (DEN)
Bradley Weiss (RSA)
Sam Laidlow (FRA)
Frederic Funk (GER)
Clement Mignon (FRA)
Aaron Royle (AUS)
David McNamee (GBR)
Ben Kanute (USA)
Rico Bogen (GER)
Alistair Brownlee (GBR)
Max Neumann (AUS)
Marten Van Riel (BEL)
Javier Gomez (ESP)

PTO Executive Chairman Chris Kermode said, “This is a significant step forward for the sport of triathlon and our ambition to elevate professional triathlon on a global sporting stage and is the culmination of what we’ve been working hard to achieve over the last 12 months. But, as I’ve said to the athletes and the PTO team over the last few weeks, in triathlon terms the PTO is only just emerging from the water and there is still an awfully long way to go to the finish line. But to have the calibre of these athletes announced today sign up and commit to the new T100 Triathlon World Tour is a huge endorsement of what we’re both building.”