Potter, Van Riel Take Arena Games London

Beth Potter took a slim victory over Lucy Charles-Barclay, and Marten Van Riel beat Justus Nieschlag and Jonny Brownlee at Arena Games London.

Women's Race

The unique format saw three mini races, with points awarded for them. Stage 1 would be swim-run-bike, stage 2 run-bike-swim, and the final stage comprised of bike-swim-run.

Charles-Barclay and Sophie Coldwell dominated early with their swim prowess, taking an over 15 second lead onto the run. However, Potter soon showcased her Olympic track pedigree, storming into the lead over the 1 kilometer run that she would not relinquish over the remainder of the stage. Charles-Barclay and Coldwell utilized the draft function on the bike well in order to try to close the gap up, but Potter maintained a 10 second margin over the duo at the close of stage one.

Onto stage two, and it looked like it would be a repeat of the first stage as Potter took an early lead. However, Charles-Barclay and Georgia Taylor-Brown closed up to Potter late in the run, with Charles-Barclay making the pass. Heading out onto the bike, a large draft pack formed that stayed together for the entirety of the 2 loop course, leading to a swim sprint finish.

In the end, Charles-Barclay was able to outduel Coldwell for the stage victory, with Potter taking third. The three were in a dead heat on points heading into the final event. Stage three kicked off with a large draft pack on the bike. Charles-Barclay then took to the front with a dominating swim performance, and had an eight second lead onto the run. But Potter again was able to highlight her running ability and passed Charles-Barclay with 600 meters to go. Charles-Barclay held onto second, with Coldwell taking the final spot on the podium.

1.) Beth Potter
2.) Lucy Charles-Barclay
3.) Sophie Coldwell
4.) Rachel Klamer
5.) Georgia Taylor-Brown

Men's Race

Van Riel, like Potter about an hour before, needed to produce a blistering final run discipline in order to take victory over an extremely bunched field.

In stage one, it was Nieschlag, Jonas Schomborg, and Vasco Vilaca taking an early lead in the swim. Brownlee was close behind. Tim Don, meanwhile, was well off the back early. Van Riel and Brownlee closed the gap to the leading trio, making it a bike sprint for the stage victory. Vilaca pounced and took the win, with Schomborg dropping from the front five.

Onto stage two, Van Riel and Brownlee were joined by Alex Yee and Gordon Benson on the front. Brownlee showed that his bike form is back, taking to the front with a group including Yee, Nieschlag, and Van Riel. It was another fierce swim, which looked like Brownlee would be able to take the stage victory, but Van Riel was able to gain a single body-length for the win, with Brownlee second and Yee third.

Heading into stage three, Van Riel held a three point advantage on Brownlee. The bike led activity off. Don continually attempted to break the group, to no avail, with all 9 competitors arriving into transition together before diving into the pool.

A group of five formed during the 200 meter swim: Brownlee, Yee, Van Riel, Schomborg, and Nieschlag. It'd be a duel to the run finish. Nieschlag took the lead with 500 meters to go, with Yee, Van Riel, and Brownlee nipping at his heels. That was your finishing order, with Nieschlag earning a 1.5 second margin over Yee, Van Riel third, and Brownlee fourth.

1.) Marten Van Riel
2.) Justus Nieschlag
3.) Jonny Brownlee and Alex Yee (tied)