Rev3 Portland in pictures

Graham O'Grady and Meredith Kessler were the 2011 Rev3 Portland champions and Eric Wynn was there to capture a stunning gallery of images.

All images are © Eric Winn and Rev3

The action during the age group swim taken from high above.

No sticker in helmet meant new helmet for this athlete.

Jordan Rapp has quite the arrangement of gear and accessories to set up transition.

Kate Major in deep thoughts before the start.

And the women are off.

The swim is over for Malaika Homo.

Jordan Rapp chasing the leaders after a slower swim without a speedsuit. He left his at home thinking it was going to be a wetsuit swim, but the water temp was warmer than advertised.

Bree Wee had to travel quite a bit to get here.

Bike action with Amanda Lovato.

A bit further up the road Michael Lovato after his stand down.

Nice perspective of the bike course with Mt. Hood looming in the background.

After reaching T2 in second position Jordan Rapp is in hot pursuit of race leader O'Grady.

Trakkers team mates Chris McDonald and Richie Cunningham reached T2 together next.

Damian Hill hitting a rough spot on the run.

Chris MacDonald running in 5th position.

Trakkers everywhere.

But the winner here was Graham O'Grady.

Richie Cunningham passed Jordan Rapp at the very end for second place.

A clear win for Meredith Kessler.

Another aerial view of the region.