Stunning Scenes From St. George

The first IRONMAN World Championship event since October 2019 provided everything you could possibly ask for: dramatic racing and dramatic weather, with truly outstanding performances by your champions, Gustav Iden and Lucy Charles-Barclay. Here we look back at some of the images captured on that day.

All photos by Eric Wynn.

The cannon fired promptly at 7 AM Mountain time, and the men charged into the water.

The question for many leading into the 70.3 World Championships: how far back would Sam Long be coming out of the swim? The answer: a little more than 2 minutes.

Coming up and out of the one loop swim. Temperatures above 78 degrees meant no wetsuits for professionals and age-groupers alike.

Shimano neutral support was out and about. And it was very much needed -- Kristian Blummenfelt wound up being dropped out of the front men's bike pack due to a front wheel issue.

Skye Moench onboard her Trek Speed Concept.

However, the Trek Factory Racing squad was on board the long-rumored disc-brake Speed Concept.

Usually, when Daniela Ryf is onboard her bike, she is storming toward the front. Early on the bike she closed up to second place Taylor Knibb, and then faded.

Charles-Barclay dominated across all three disciplines. She led from the opening cannon and never let go.

Iden, meanwhile, waited to make his decisive move at Snow Canyon. He went to the front, earned a lead, and never let it go.

Knibb ground out a run, only getting clipped by Jeanni Metzler with three miles to go. She led the second group in the swim, then rode by herself, never making inroads to Charles-Barclay's lead.

Ben Kanute had a strong, balanced day: sticking out in the front group of the bike until Iden made his decisive move, and stayed in the Top 10 during the run.

Metzler on her charge to second place.

Big smiles out on the difficult run course help make the time go by.