Sudrie, Cave win Miami 70.3

Sylvain Sudrie led from start to finish and took the win at the Rohto Ironman 70.3 Miami in 4:00:41. Leanda Cave grabbed the win in the women's race also with a start to finish leading action and managed a top ten overall pro time with her 4:21:21.

The men

In early August, Sudrie had taken the ITU long distance World Championships in Immenstadt, Germany in a very similar fashion and so he was certainly on the radar of the other competitors when he exited the water first, 1 second up on Ethan Brown and 12 on Philip Graves.

Those who expected Graves to give Sudrie a beating on the bike were lucky if they did not bet on that scenario. Sudrie's 2:09:36 bike split was among the fastest of the day and allowed the French Pro to be back in transition with a nice lead. Oscar Galindez actually had the fastest bike split among the pros and reached T2 in second position, almost 2 minutes down on Sudrie. Graves was next in transition but he didn't look very good as he headed out on the run.

Sudrie's 1:19:46 run was fast enough to give him the title in 4:00:41. It was Brit Paul Amey who used his 1:17:28 run split to charge from 5th position after the bike all the way into second place. Galindez held on to third.

While a French pro grabbed the overall win, a French age grouper recorded the fastest overall bike split in the race. Former road racer Laurent Jalabert raced in the 40-44 age group and rocked a 2:05:47 time. He finished the race in 4:25:12 and 17th place overall.

The women

Leanda Cave started her day with the fastest swim and exited the water 7 seconds up on Nina Kraft. Kelly Williamson was the only other pro who managed to stay somewhat close.

Cave drilled it on the bike and recorded a race best 2:19:10 split for the 56 miles. Behind her, Kraft lost over 11 minutes to the Brit and on the bike and Wiliamson kissed the pavement in her pursuit of the leader.

"Had a fight w/ gravity & momentum on bike, gravity won. Twas just a flesh wound limped through it..." tweeted Williamson.

Angela Naeth had no such issues. The Canadian managed to reach the bike-run transition in second position, but was looking at a 7 minute disadvantage after her 35:45 swim earlier. Aussie Christie Sym started the run in third.

Cave also recorded the fastest run split and handily won the 2010 Rohto Ironman 70.3 Miami. Naeth held on to second place and Kraft charged past Sym to take third. Sym on the other hand took another oh so familiar 4th place.

"I was feeling really strong coming into this event despite my recent 10th place in Kona. I recovered really well and my legs were just amazing on the bike," said Cave to slowtwitch. "I suffered a little for that on the run, but I managed to hold it together for the fastest run split."

Rohto Ironman 70.3 Miami
Miami, FL / October 30, 2010
1.2m swim / 56m bike / 13.1m run

Top 10 men

1. Sylvain Sudrie (FRA) 4:00:41
2. Paul Amey (GBR) 4:02:47
3. Oscar Galindez (BRA) 4:05:38
4. Victor Zyemtsev (UKR) 4:07:52
5. Ethan Brown (USA) 4:08:29
6. Santiago Alves Ascenco (BRA) 4:10:19
7. Patrick Evoe (USA) 4:11:18
8. Peter Clode (NZL) 4:16:02
9. David Bardi (FRA) 4:16:35 *AG M35-39
10. Leandro Gonzalez Bonet (ARG) 4:17:18

Top 10 women

1. Leanda Cave (GBR) 4:21:21
2. Angela Naeth (CAN) 4:30:03
3. Nina Kraft (GER) 4:34:38
4. Christie Sym (AUS) 4:36:46
5. Erika Csomor (HUN) 4:41:11
6. Ariane Montileli (BRA) 4:41:21
7. Amanda Felder Dekarcs (USA) 4:42:32
8. Christine Fletcher (CAN) 4:48:08
9. Tasmin Lewis (GBR) 4:52:32
10. Nidia Kondratavicius (ARG) 4:57:58