SwimRun Scotland - Loch Gu Loch

The crew at Celtman Xtreme Triathlon are now offering a Swim Run event that was inspired by the unique ÖTILLÖ swim-run event in Sweden. The SwimRun Scotland - Loch Gu Loch on September 26, 2015 will consist of 12 runs with a total distance of 63.5km running and 13 swims that totals to a 8.5km distance. The longest swim section is 2km across the 230 meter deep and apparently very dark Loch Ness. Start of the event will be at Urquhart Castle and the finish at Fort Augustus and likely there will be neither snow nor ice on the course then. Are you ready to step outside the branded and distance box?

Last weekend a couple athletes spent a bit of time on the course so we all could get a bit of an idea about the scenery. Ice breaking however will not be on offer.

No big cities or even small towns anywhere in view.

Katia Hiersemenzel was one of the runners who checked out the course and helped get images for the race site.

Although everything was snow covered and serene here, we can promise that it will be a spectacular view in September too, if the weather plays along.

The exact course will not be revealed until close to race time to avoid athletes stomping already all over this area.

Chris Stirling leads Katia Hiersemenzel here along the edge of this Loch.

Chris and Katia also encountered a few snow free sections as the sampled elements of the race course.

Run Chris run.

The ice bath was likely not scheduled, but was an accepted risk.

Chris Stirling and Katia Hiersemenzel after their Loch Gu Loch outing.

Registration for the event will start in February and you can learn more about the event at LochGuLoch.com and swimrunscotland.com.