The Biggest Race of 2020

A 2 lap Swim, 20 Lap Bike, and 4 Lap Run led for an action-packed race for both the men and women.

Paula Findlay took a commanding approach to the race, putting the run out of reach for Anne Haug despite Haug's best efforts to close the gap.

Lisa Norden didn't end up finishing on the day, but she did make a statement on the bike.

Andy Potts was a presence early on in the day, but faded from contention.

It was a "get to the finish" sort of day for Eric Lagerstrom. He admitted it was hard to focus on his race after watching girlfriend Paula Findlay win the women's race.

Tim O'Donnell was at the front of the race most of the day, not ceding ground until mile 7 of the run.

Current World Champion Anne Haug had the fastest run split for the women, but ran out of real estate to overcome her drafting penalty.

Fenella Langridge held onto the top 10 on the day.

Amelia Watkinson had a solid day all-around performance, finishing in 5th.

Per usual Lionel Sanders never gave up after a subpar swim and used an impressive bike-run combo to move into 4th place by the finish.

While Ben Kanute ended up not having the day he had hoped, he did help push the pace on the bike. We understand that Ben welcomed his first child to the world over the weekend. We wish him and his family the best.

George Goodwin used a crushing run split to run as high as second, before being caught late by Matt Hanson to wind up 3rd place overall.

Gustav Iden once again showed his talent level on the big stage.

Rachel McBride was pretty happy to be racing again.

Laura Philipp used a 6:16 min/mile run to earn the bottom step on the podium.

Lauren Brandon exits the water in style.

Kelsey Withrow was on course representing the Suunto Elite Team.

Rudy von Berg found himself in good position early in the run, but fell victim to the late attack from Matt Hanson.

Ben Hoffman had a rough day at the office, but managed to grit it out.

Alistair Brownlee took charge of the race early. Alas, a calf injury forced him from the run course.

All photos courtesy of the PTO.