The Engadin SwimRun Sprint

Like the ÖTILLÖ SwimRun series, Engadin offered a sprint race the day before the main events. A SwimRun sprint is a way for newcomers to try the sport, but also an opportunity for more seasoned athletes to get some SwimRun action without committing to a full day of suffering.

Two-time ÖTILLÖ World Champions and Charlotta Nilsson and Bibben Nordblom took part in the Engadin SwimRun Sprint. This mother-daughter team recently completed Ironman Austria.

Earlier that day the two fast Swedes had a chat with ÖTILLÖ co-race director Michael Lemmel and his wife.

14 teams lined up at the start of this inaugural race, with 8 mixed teams, 3 female teams and 3 male teams. Three female two male registered teams did not start.

Charlotta Nilsson, ahead of daughter Bibben Nordblom, led the field at the end of the first swim.

The mixed Swiss team of Jean-Claude Besse and Cendrine Gerosa were in hot pursuit and they used neither pull buoys nor paddles.

The mixed teams were strong in this sprint event and filled out the top spots.

The Italian-German mixed team of Hannes Hofer and Alexandra Becker giving chase.

Brits Colin Murphy and Alex Jackson ended up in second place in their division, 11th place overall. (The top male team was 6th overall.)

The female team of Charlotta Nilsson and Bibben Nordblom were in a tight battle with the mixed squad of Jean-Claude Besse and Cendrine Gerosa, with the Swedes pulling away during each swim and the Swiss team reeling them back in during the runs.

The German-Austrian mixed team of Dominik Leu and Julia Ziemska, smiling on the way to third place in their division and fourth place overall.

Not every team got into the water with urgency, this team was patient and calm.

Coming out of the last swim section, Charlotta Nilsson and Bibben Nordblom had about 40 seconds on the chasing Swiss mixed team.

During the run segments the daughter took the lead and set the pace, and the mother led the swims.

Jean-Claude Besse and Cendrine Gerosa charged hard and caught the female Swedish team in the finish chute to grab the overall title by 2 seconds.

Austrians Erich Mikk and Cornelia Banwinkler were second in their division and third overall.

Swiss male team Nico Walther and Nico Erne on the way to the men's title.

Swiss female team Corinne Kohler and Patrizia Müller almost finished and in second place.

Notice the nicely shaved pull buoys of the winning Swedish team.

Bibben Nordblom shows her simple tether system and the shaved pull buoy.

A hug at the finish by Swiss females Ladina Friedli and Sophie Erne.