Thoes Officially Reinstated as IM Ireland Winner

Svenja Thoes has been reinstated as the victor of the 2022 edition of IRONMAN Ireland following a decision by an independent court.

Thoes had crossed the finish line first at the race with a 2:56 margin of victory over Simone Mitchell. However, she was later disqualified for receiving outside assistance.

According to IRONMAN, Thoes had failed in numerous prior appeals of her disqualification. However, as IRONMAN stated, "an independent court has since called for the disqualification to be overturned, deeming the outside assistance she received as making no difference to the race outcome. As a result, Svenja Thoes will be reinstated as the winner of 2022 IRONMAN Ireland triathlon and IRONMAN can confirm Svenja will receive the winner’s prize money allocation."

Prize money previously awarded for the race will not be re-adjusted, meaning Mitchell will retain her winnings. Additionally, World Championship slots already awarded will not be re-allocated.

IRONMAN closed their statement with the statement that, "IRONMAN remains committed to conduct of athlete policies regarding outside assistance.”