Tim Don hit by car and out of 2017 IM Kona

Tim Don was among the favorites for the 2017 IRONMAN World Championships title, but the popular Brit was hit by a car while training in Kona and is now apparently out 5-6 weeks with a fractured C2 vertebrae. Don announced the bad news in an Instagram post.

Tim Don put on a big performance in Brazil earlier this year where he scorched the course in 7:40:23, but there will be no big show for him in Kona this year. Don however sounded optimistic to be back to racing when he is recovered.

He joked in his Instagram post below about having "a new aero look" and that he heard that it is "the way to beat Jan, Sebi, and Patrick, the podium guys from last year."

For those folks who are unable to listen to his Instagram audio, he said the following.

"Hey guys, I’m in Kona A&E, just getting in the finishing touches for my Kona race on Saturday, going for a new aero look. I’ve heard that’s the way to beat Jan, Sebi, and Patrick, the podium guys from last year. No, unfortunately I got hit by a car this morning, and I’ve got a fracture in my C2 vertebrae - up high. The good news is I don’t have to have an operation and fly to Honolulu in a helicopter - that would have been pretty cool - but that’s really the good news. The bad news is I’m out for the best part of 5-6 weeks in a brace, but you can count I'll be back. I wish everyone the best of luck. Good luck guys."