Tomlin, Mislawchuk win Americas Triathlon Cup Long Beach

In a U.S.-Mexico duel, Renee Tomlin of the U.S. edged Rosa Maria Vidal of Mexico by two seconds to win the women’s crown at the Americas Triathlon Cup in Long Beach.

In his last tune-up outing before flying to the Tokyo Olympics, Tyler Mislawchuk of Canada battled to the line with Aram Michell Moysen of Mexico, prevailing by four seconds for the $1500 top prize at the sprint distance Americas Triathlon Cup at Long Beach.

More than 100 triathletes from North, Central and South America raced at Alamitos Beach, the proposed site of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Games, competed in a 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike and 5-kilometer run in a draft-legal format.

In the women’s race, Tomlin was part of a large pack on the bike that included Junior and Under-23 World Champion Tamara Gorman of the U.S. and Mexico’s Rosa Maria Tapia Vidal. On the run, Tomlin and Gorman broke away together before Tomlin jetted away for the win in 58:09 and Vidal ran 58:11 to pass Gorman (58:13 run split) for second place.

“Today was rewarding for me,” Tomlin told USA Triathlon media. “It’s been a long road the last couple years battling back from injuries, so it feels great to feel like I’m returning to form. I’m one of the older racers out here now, so it’s fun to see the new girls coming up.”

Among the up-and-coming U.S. women, Gina Sereno of Madison, Wisconsin, a 2021 Sarasota-Bradenton Elite Cup winner, placed fifth on Sunday. She got her start in triathlon through USA Triathlon’s Collegiate Recruitment Program, which identifies and recruits top-level NCAA runners and swimmers to elite triathlon. Many of USA Triathlon’s most successful triathletes, both past and present, are CRP recruits — including 2016 U.S. Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen, 2016 U.S. Olympian and 2020 U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team member Katie Zaferes and fellow 2020 U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team members Summer Rappaport and Morgan Pearson.


Tamara Gorman of the U.S. led the women’s swim with a 9:38 split that gave her a six seconds lead on fellow U.S. competitor Erica Ackerlund, 16 seconds on Erin Edminister of the U.S., 22 seconds on Gina Sereno of the U.S. and Dominika Jamnicky of Canada and 24 seconds on Rosa Maria Vidal of Mexico.

Gorman faded from the lead with a 29:17 bike split that surrendered 21 seconds to Tomlin and Vidal. After a women’s-best 17:05 and 17:08 run splits, Tomlin finished in 58:09 with a 2 seconds margin on Vidal and 4 seconds on third place finisher Gorman.


Mislawchuk led the men’s 750-meter swim with a 9:11 split that gave him a slim lead over a pack of 10 men – and significantly 7 seconds over Moysen and 8 seconds over U.S. star Matthew McElroy.

After a tightly packed draft legal bike leg, Mislawchuk, Moysen, McElroy Austin Hindman, Brent Demarest and Charles Paquet arrived at T2 in a traffic jam.

While Moysen posted the fastest run with a 14:38 split, Mislawchuk outpaced Moysen by 7 seconds in transition and won the dash to the finish – 52:49 to 52:53. McElroy, a U.S. National Team member and an alternate in Tokyo, started the run in a duel with Mislawchuk but surrendered second place to a hard-charging Aram Michell Penaflor Vidal of Mexico who was on his way to a race-best 14:38 run split. McElroy took the final spot on the podium, 4 seconds behind Moysen.

Five Americans finished in the top 10, including Austin Hindman (fourth), Brent Demarest (fifth), Davis Bove (seventh), Chase McQueen (ninth) and Darr Smith (10th).

“It’s incredible to race with these guys,” Hindman told USA Triathlon media. “Tyler [Mislawchuk] won the Tokyo test and could be a top contender for a medal. Matt [McElroy] has done extremely well at Olympic level competitions. So to be here competing with these guys is so fun and it’s an honor to have my name up there with them.”

Americas Triathlon Cup Long Beach
Long Beach, California
July 18, 2021
S 750m / B 20k / R 5k

Elite Men

1. Tyler Mislawchuk (CAN) S 9:11 T1 1:23 B 26:56 T2 0:32 R 14:47 TOT 52:49 $1,500
2. Aram Michell Penaflor Moysen (MEX) S 9:18 Y1 1:20 B 26:59 T2 0:38 R 14:38 TOT 52:53 - $1,250
3. Matthew McElroy (USA) S 9:19 T1 1:23 B 26:49 T2 00:33 R 14:54 TOT 52:57 - $1,000
4. Austin Hindman (USA) S 9:15 T1 1:22 B 26:56 T2 00:33 R 14:54 TOT 5:2:59 - $750
5. Brent Demarest (USA) S 9:20 T1 1:24 B 26:55 T2 00:36 R 14:58 TOT 14:58 - $500
6. Charles Paquet (CAN) S 9:19 T1 1:19 B 26:53 T2 00:34 R 15:13 TOT 53:18
7. Davis Bove (USA) S 9:29 T1 1:18 B 26:48 T2 00:41 R 15:08 TOT 53:23
8. Rodrigo Gonzalez (MEX) S 9:20 T1 1:17 B 26:56 T2 00:33 R 15:25 TOT 53:30
9. Chase McQueen (USA) S 9:12 T1 1:22 B 26:57 T2w 00:33 R 15:31 TOT 53:34
10. Darr Smith (USA) S 9:16 T1 1:24 B 26:51 T2 00:34 R 15:36 TOT 53:34

Elite Women

1. Renee Tomlin (USA) S 10:00 T2 1:27 B 28:56 T2 00:38 R 17:08 TOT 58:09 - $1500
2. Rosa Maria Tapia Vidal (MEX) S 10:02 T1 1:29 B 28:56 T2 00:38 R 17:05 TOT 58:11 - $1250
3. Tamara Gorman (USA) S 9:38 T1 1:28 B 29:17 T2 00:38 R 17:11 TOT 58:13 - $1000
4. Erin Edminister (USA) S 9:54 T1 1:33 B 29:01 T2 00:40 R 17:16 TOT 58:26 - $750
5. Erica Ackerlund (USA) S 9:44 T11:30 B 29:08 T2 00:34 R 17:36 TOT 58:32 - $500
6. Gina Sereno (USA) S 10:00 T1 1:31 B 28:59 T2 00:47 R 17:24 TOT 58:41
7. Grace Walther (USA) S 10:04 T1 1:30 B 28:54 T2 00:42 R 17:35 TOT 58:45
8. Sofia Rodriguez Moreno (MEX) S 10:03 T1 1:30 B 28:56 T2 00:39 R 17:39 TOT 58:48
9. Dominika Jamnicky (CAN) S 10:00 T1 1:28 B 28:57 T2 00:40 R 17:47 TOT 58:52
10. Madisen Lavin (USA) S 10:01 T1 1:31 B 28:59 T2 00:41 R 17:51 TOT 59:03