TriStar Minnesota 2011

Germany's Maik Twelsiek ruled the day at the inaugural TriStar111 Minnesota event in 3:12:45 and American age grouper Suzie Olsen topped the women's field. Amy Kloner and Christie Sym were the only Pro females at the start, but both of them missed turns during the bike segment. Sym ended up on the Olympic course and got disqualified, and Kloner added a few more miles to the 100k bike course.

”Today I could set my stamp on the race and I had the clear edge at the end. What more could one want six weeks prior to Ironman Hawaii? I could take the next plane to Kona,” said Twelsiek.

"At some point around mile 20, I missed a turn along with several other pro men, and I ended up riding an additional 9 miles," said a disappointed Kloner to slowtwitch. "A bit of a mess but I do love that distance and hope they bring more to the US."

TriStar111 Minnesota
Maple Grove, MN / August 27
1k swim / 100k bike / 10k run

Top men

1. Maik Twelsiek (GER) 3:12:45
2. Karl Bordine (USA) 3:18:06
3. Devon Palmer (USA) 3:22:25
4. AJ Baucco (USA) 3:24:14
5. Matthew Payne (USA) 3:25:09 * AG

Top women

1. Suzie Olsen (USA) 3:45:55 * AG
2. Jenny Wilcox (USA) 3:53:39 * AG
3. Julie Hull (USA) 3:55:35 * AG
4. Jennifer Martone (USA) 3:58:01 * AG
5. Leah Prudhomme (USA) 3:58:41 * AG
7. Amy Kloner (USA) 4:05:11

Athletes also had the option to race the Maple Grove Olympic or the Maple Grove Sprint distances instead.

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The Maple Grove Triathlon was established in 2010, but 2011 marked the first year for TriStar111 Minnesota.

Night gives way to the day as athletes get ready for the the various events.

Body marking without long lines is always appreciated.

Final touches on the bikes before the action begins.

Oh the tricks we use to get in the suits.

The Pros did not get to wear wetsuits in Minnesota.

Age groupers awaiting their start.

Time to jump into the water for the age groupers.

Chris McCormack emerged first from the water but did not finish the race.

Friends and families await the action.

Maik Twelsiek looked very strong in Minnesota.

Crossing the bridge over troubled waters.

Devon Palmer on his way to third place.

The transition bags for the run are ready.

Maik Twelsiek seemed to really enjoy this distance.

And we have a winner. Maik Twelsiek takes the title.

Age groupers meanwhile still get to enjoy the course.

Cruising through the Minnesota landscape.

Neighbors seemed to enjoy the action.

Attention to detail.