USA Triathlon Walks Back Platinum Membership

USA Triathlon this afternoon announced changes to their 2024 membership packages, primarily to the controversial $400 per year platinum membership level.

Namely, USA Triathlon will not require members to pay the $400 annual membership level to be able to join Team USA for world championship events.

A letter to members reads, in part:

"As you know, USA Triathlon launched our new membership products this week. While we are excited about these new products, we understand and acknowledge we had a significant miss in the rollout – specifically with our Team USA Platinum Membership. We appreciate your understanding that with big change comes growing pains and are grateful for your patience while we work through them.

We appreciate the candid feedback over the past 48 hours and during the town hall and as a result, we're making changes...

For 2024, here is our approach for Team USA:

1. There is no requirement to purchase the Platinum package to race and be part of Team USA for 2024. We will keep the program status quo – utilize your annual membership (will automatically transition to Silver) and pay the spot fees associated with the races in 2024. No change, and no additional requirements for 2024.

2. For those that would like to purchase the new Platinum Team USA membership – and receive the added benefits while supporting the Team USA program - we will have that available, as optional. It will be as originally planned and outlined on our site – including a $100 spot fee credit, additional Team USA exclusive gear and more.

3. Our team is currently working on how this program and membership will evolve beyond 2024, prior to any 2025 World Championship qualification opportunities (that will occur in 2024) and will communicate those changes to you once developed."

It is unknown, at this time, how else USA Triathlon will seek to close their current budgetary shortfalls.