Watch this thorXtri video

We just can't get enough of these Xtreme triathlons that are offering hard long course races in unique locations, and now share a beautiful video from the thorXtri in Southwestern Norway. The race with a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run starts in Lysebotn and ends at the 3 swords site in Stavanger.

The 2017 event took already place in mid August but you can still register for the 2018 thorXtri. But be warned, when watching this video crafted by Oliver Scholz your hand may magically reach for your wallet and one of the credit cards inside, and you may register "involuntarily" within minutes of seeing this video.

Will you be next year at the 3 swords in Stavanger?

And this extreme triathlon is not officially related to the Norseman, Swissman, Celtman or Alaskaman events. Thor Hesselberg who also runs the Rockman Swimrun event is the man behind this race and the website can be found at