Wood, Broschard take USAT AG Sprint Overall

Travis Wood, 24, of Boise, Idaho and Gabi Broschard, 23, of West Lafayette, Indiana, won the overall titles at the USA Triathlon Sprint Distance Age Group Nationals today at Edgewater Park in Cleveland Ohio.

The two new champions were crowned after setting the fastest times on the 750-meter swim in Lake Erie, a 20 kilometer bike leg through the streets of downtown Cleveland and a 5-kilometer run ending in Edgewater Park.


Wood, a high school runner by background, surged away from his rivals with a race-best 16:35 5 kilometer run split to finish in 58:01 with a 20-24 win and a 1:22 margin of victory for the overall title over Christopher Douglas, 28, of Atlanta, Georgia, who also took the men’s 25-29 crown.

Scott Haeberle, 25, of Bloomington, Indiana, took 3rd overall, 1:31 behind the winner, and 2nd place in Men’s 25-29.

“I knew I could do this,” Wood told USA Triathlon media. “It’s been a lot of training all year.” Wood, who will compete at the International Triathlon Union Age Group World Championships in August in Lausanne, Switzerland and the Ironman 70.3 Age Group World Championship in Nice, France in September.

“Yesterday I couldn’t find power for the first half of the ride," he said.
"[But] I always race better the second day here … [So] I got super hyped last night and got in the zone today. I’m super stoked.”


Broschard, who spent her track career at Purdue as an NCAA steeplechase runner, is now training for triathlon for the first time in her career and in June joined the USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Program which produced Olympic gold medalist Gwen Jorgensen and current ITU Number One ranked WTS triathlete Katie Zaferes. Broschard followed in the collegiate footsteps of Zaferes, who also ran the steeplechase during her collegiate track career.

“Everyone’s trajectory is totally different,” Broschard told USA Triathlon media. “I really look up to Katie (Zaferes) and the way that she does things, and Gwen (Jorgensen), too. Katie has been an awesome inspiration for me. I just think she handles things really well and I look up to her a lot.”

Although they started at different waves and did no head to head racing, Broschard began the run virtually tied for the overall lead with Dani Fischer, 31, of Greenfield, Indiana. Broschard swam 11:05 versus Fischer’s 12:06, then Fischer evened matters with a 31:11 bike split that was 1:11 faster than Broschard. On the run, Broschard’s steeplechase foot speed made the difference as she ran a women’s-best 19:08 5k which was 32 seconds faster than Fischer – accounting for her 28 seconds margin of victory.

Emily Tato, 29, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, won the 25-29 age group and placed 3rd overall, 40 seconds behind Fischer.

Ginger Reiner, who won the Olympic-distance Masters title, added a sprint-distance Masters title, winning her 40-44 age group. Tony Schiller, Saturday’s Olympic-distance Grand Masters champion, took the sprint-distance Grand Masters title, winning the 60-64 age group.

Other double winners from the weekend include: Fischer (30-34); Sarah Bishop of Beavercreek, Ohio (35-39); Daniel Stubleski of Washington, Michigan, (40-44); Becky Youngberg of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, (45-49); Lee Walther of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, (55-59); Gregory Taylor of Yankton, South Dakota (65-69) and Lockett Wood of Lyons, Colorado, (80-84).

A notable age-related performance was turned in by Sister Madonna Buder of Spokane, Washington, who won the women’s 85+ category in 2:45:56.

USA Triathlon Sprint Distance Age Group National Championship
Cleveland, Ohio
August 11, 2019
S 750m / B 20k / R 5k


Men – Top Ten Overall

1. Travis Wood (Boise ID) 58:01 S 10:32 B 27:32 R 16:35 *M20-24
2. Christopher Douglas (Atlanta GA) 59:23 S 10:29 B 28:30 R 16:59 * M25-29
3. Scott Haeberle (Bloomington IN) 59:32 S 9:26 B 219:08 R 17:29 * M25-29
4. Jack Toland (Kirkland WA) 59:48 S 10:42 B 27:47 R 17:46 * M20-24
5. Davis Frease (Carlsbad CA) 1:00:04 S 10:19 B 28:15 R 17:58 * M25-29
6. Andy Krueger (Portland OR) 1:00:10 S 10:14 B 28:23 R 17:57 * M20-24
7. Matt Schafer (Novi MI) 1:00:42 S 9:42 B 30:13 R 16:55 * M20-24
8. Brian Reynolds (Richland MI) 1:00:44 S 10:57 B 28:45 R 17:27 * M30-34
9. Branden Scheel (Fargo ND) 1:00:49 S 11:51 B 29:03 R 16:23 * M20-24
10. Benjamin Stone (Fort Wayne IN) 1:00:55 S 10:02 B 29:12 R 18:02 * M20-24

Masters Male

Robert Skaggs (Solana Beach CA) 1:01:29

Grandmasters Male

Tony Schiller (Chanhassen MN) 1:08:36

Men Age Group Winners

M15-19 Carter Brand (Castle Pines CO) 1:02:05
M20-24 Travis Wood (Boise ID) 58:01
M25-29 Christopher Douglas (Atlanta GA) 59:23
M30-34 Brian Reynolds (Richland MI) 1:00:44
M35-39 Jeremy Lindauer (Springfield NJ) 1:02:39
M40-44 Daniel Stubleski (Washington MI) 1:01:36
M45-49 Vachee Loughran (Glenview IL) 1:02:43
M50-54 Robert Skaggs (Solana Beach CA) 1:01:29
M55-59 Lee Walther (Oklahoma City OK) 1:06:00
M60-64 Tony Schiller (Chanhassen MN) 1:08:36
M65-69 Gregory Taylor (Yankton SD) 1:10:38
M70-74 Freddie Ferraro (Austin TX) 1:20:33
M75-79 Tom Montemagni (Stratton VT) 1:36:47
M80-84 Lockett Wood (Lyons CO) 1:48:17
M85+ Wayne Fong (Chatsworth CA) 2:33:02

Women – Top 10 Overall

1. Gabi Broschard (W Lafayette IN) 1:06:27 S 11:05 B 32:22 R 19:08 * F20-24
2. Dani Fischer (Greenfield IN) 1:06:55 S 12:06 B 31:11 R 19:40 * F30-34
3. Emily Tato (Cambridge MA) 1:07:35 S 10:44 B 32:22 R 20:07 * F25-29
4. Alexandra Poole (Farmington CT) 1:07:37 S 11:09 B 32:39 R 19:51 * F15-19
5. Gabrielle Bunten (North Oaks MN) 1:07:48 S 10:21 B 32:42 R 20:32 * F25-29
6. Sarah Bishop (Beavercreek OH) 1:08:24 S 12:54 B 31:37 R 19:10 * F35-39
7. Stephanie McNamara (Somerville MA) 1:08:53 S 12:02 B 33:57 R 19:14 * F30-34
8. Ginger Reiner (Lincoln MA) 1:08:54 S 12:37 B 32:26 R 20:13 * F40-44
9. Faith Powell (Columbia TN) 1:08:56 S 10:45 B 34:32 R 20:09 * F15-19
10. Freya McKinley (The Woodlands TX) 1:09:07 S 11:00 B 32:04 R 20:20 * F15-19

Masters Female

Ginger Reiner (Lincoln MA) 1:08:54

Grandmasters Female

Kelly Dippold (Irvine CA) 1:11:20

Female Age Group Winners

F15-19 Alexandra Poole (Farmington CT) 1:07:37
F20-24 Gabi Broschard (W Lafayette IN) 1:06:27
F25-29 Emily Tato (Cambridge MA) 1:07:35
F30-34 Dani Fischer (Greenfield IN) 1:06:55
F35-39 Sarah Bishop (Beavercreek OH) 1:08:24
F40-44 Ginger Reiner (Lincoln MA) 1:08:54
F45-49 Becky Youngberg (Eden Prairie MN) 1:09:25
F50-54 Lauren Jensen McGinnis (Muskego WI) 1:11:57
F55-59 Kelly Dippold (Irvine CA) 1:11:20
F60-64 Sharon Johnson (Andover MA) 1:18:36
F65-69 Carol Brown (Glenview IL) 1:25:07
F70-74 Kathy Calabretta (Ludington MI) 1:40:36
F75-79 Mary Ann Bogart (Los Altos CA) 1:38:34
F80-84 Sharon Roggenbuck (Hillsborough NC) 2:17:29
F85+ Madonna Buder (Spokane WA) 2:45:57