XTRI World Championships announced

The epic Norseman Xtreme Triathlon has slowly collected similar True - Basic - Unique events around itself and will host the Xtri World Championships in conjunction with the Norseman event.

The Xtri World Tour website already lists the 2020 event but the first Xtri World Championships will take place on August 3rd 2019, with athletes already having qualified during the 2018 season.

“This year Celtman, Swissman, Alaskaman, Canadaman, Swedeman and Janosik were all qualifiers - providing the 1st and 2nd male and female athletes. Norseman provided top 5 male and female for the Xtri World Champs,” said Stuart McInnes. He is well known for his role at Celtman, but he was announced earlier today as the CEO of the XTRI World Tour.

Celtman and Swissman were the first Xtreme events that followed the Norseman path, but by now there is the Alaskaman Xtreme Triathlon on June 29th, Canadaman Xtreme Triathlon on July 7th, Swedeman Xtreme Triathlon on July 20th, ICON Livigno Xtreme Triathlon on August 30th, Jánošík Slovak Xtreme Triathlon on August 31st, and Hispaman Xtreme Triathlon on September 28th. The 2019 Celtman Xtreme Triathlon takes place on June 15th and the Swissman Xtreme Triathlon on June 22nd.

42 spots total will apparently be made available during the 2019 season and 10 of those will come from the 2019 Norseman race on August 3rd, while all other races will offer 4 slots to the World Championships.

According to a press release, ICON Livigno Xtreme Triathlon, Hispaman Xtreme Triathlon and Patagonman XTRI were chosen as prospect races in 2018. Both the Italian and Spanish races will be part of the 2019 tour and Patagonia is expected to be confirmed after their test race in December.

"We look forward to host the XTRI World Championships in Norway," added McInnes.

In addition to spots for the World Championships these partner events also offer entry spots into the Norseman race. Celtman and Swissman 8 each, and all others 4 each.

More info at xtriworldtour.com