Farewell Inside Triathlon

The Competitor Group announced today that Inside Triathlon magazine will no longer be published and that they will focus these resources instead to the sister publication Triathlete and the corresponding digital outlet.

Inside Triathlon was originally called Triathlon Today and was purchased by Felix Magowan and Inside Communication in 1993. It became Inside Triathlon and always was a very tough competitor for Triathlete Magazine. In 2008 Inside Communication, owner of Velonews and Inside Triathlon, was acquired by Falconhead Capital and these two popular magazines joined Competitor and Triathlete magazines under the Competitor Group Inc banner, and in late 2012 Calera Capital acquired CGI from Falconhead More recently Inside Triathlon was known for very beautiful long features but only published 6 issues per year and it was obvious that the focus was on Triathlete. So it was not entirely shocking to hear that the magazine was not going to be around anymore.

It is unclear at this time what impact this will have on staff at Competitor Group but from what we understand only one art director was dedicated to Inside Triathlon, and with the very fine skills of that person it would be foolish to let her go.

We reached out to Felix Magowan to get his thoughts on the end of what he likely saw as his baby.

"IT was a strong competitor to Triathlete up until the time Competitor Group (which already owned Triathlete) bought the title in 2008. Since then the need for a second title owned by the same company in a small market made less and less sense, so I wasn't surprised when I heard CGI was shutting down the title. But it's a bit sad to see any title with strong reader support go away, especially one that dates back to 1986," said Magowan.

So we now say goodbye to Inside Triathlon with some screen shots from recent features of the magazine.