Impatience is certainly not cool

It is obvious that most of us are competitive by nature and not just in sports, but there is a time and place for that. At a race carbo loading dinner there is no need to race for the food items or the utensils - there is usually plenty of either. The crew of Endurance Conspiracy accidentally captured 2 athletes wrestling for the pasta spoon as they were filming the general setup of the Challenge Roth carbo loading dinner last night, and then one of these two athletes took an alternative path. Notice the surprised look on the faces of the folks behind the guy who ended up with the pasta spoon.

This screen shot captures the moment when patience would have been appropriate and appreciated.

You can take your time at the pasta meal, you are not being timed. So do not put your hands in a food dish - it is not cool and is actually disgusting. Plus no one wants to see that.