No excuses - just getting it done

Most folks prefer to run in mild conditions under a blue sunny sky, but getting it done when the weather is not so hospitable requires a lot more determination, passion and motivation. And you may also need a few extra layers of clothing.

It is very easy to make excuses, but I'm not just pointing fingers here - I have personal experience along those lines. When the motivation is not at full throttle, it's easy to complain about it either being too hot, too cold, too wet or too slippery. But your competitors are likely not snuggling up on the sofa, with hot chocolate in hand and wrapped in a cozy blanket. They are getting it done instead of making excuses.

The picture below is Steve Stenzel who ran 11+ miles in -15 degree temperatures (-35 degree wind chill) in Minnesota. He is getting ready for the Securian Winter Run in St. Paul, a half marathon on January 30th, and this was one of his last long runs prior to the race.

"I had 6 layers of fabric over my privates, but I got the run done," said Stenzel.

Clearly we want you to be cautious and smart about going outside when it is extremely cold or hot, because no workout is important enough to endanger your health. That is true for professionals too, but especially as age groupers we have to remind ourselves that it is indeed a hobby and not a job.

I have caught myself not going out for a run or a ride despite reasonable temperatures in the mid to high 40s, by telling myself that it is too cold, or some other excuse. We simply have to be honest when we are not doing the workout (or other work or deed) we had planned. Are the conditions truly too adverse, or is something simply lacking with the motivation?

The competition is not sleeping, so what is your excuse?

Steve Stenzel has a blog called Steve in a Speedo.