Super frightening acts in traffic

It is scary enough when you encounter inattentive or otherwise occupied drivers, but it is even more frightening and absolutely crazy when cars try to mess with you on purpose.

Two cyclists in Glendale, CA were riding on the right hand side of the road on Chevy Chase Drive when a dark Audi A4 sedan seemed to try to run them off the road. The driver of the sedan first honked and then swerved right in front of the cyclist with the camera. It appears no one got hurt, but that incident [or others like it] could have easily caused serious injury or even death. The first vehicle had no problem getting past the cyclists, but the Audi driver had issues.

This was a very deliberate and dangerous act, and scary for all those out there on bicycles or on foot.

Impatience and lack of consideration are two very dangerous traits and that is true outside of traffic too. Plus in traffic it applies to all participants including cyclists.

The guy below had no reason to be in the middle of the road and mess with the car. But it does not even need to be that overt, we often act when we ride [and run] as if we were on a closed off race course, and that is not cool and gives all cyclists and runners a bad name.

So don't be a dick, whether you are in a car or on a bike. Be smart and considerate.