When situations escalate

It is not uncommon for a cyclist, triathlete or runner to charge after an aggressive motorist, but that is typically not a good idea. It can escalate quickly as a motorcyclist quickly learned when a gun was pulled on him. In my opinion the biker who posted the video below was wrong to knock on the window of the guy who flipped him off, but it was scary and crazy that the driver of that red truck pulled a gun on that biker without any hesitation.

When people are riding bicycles or running in a large group there is often that feeling of group power and invincibility, but it is one thing to think this, and completely different to actually act upon it. Absolutely nothing good can come from confronting others in traffic. NOTHING.

For one it is not even clear here what happened prior, but it is still hard to fathom that someone would wave a gun so fast.

Ride with a camera and record things going on around you, plus it is good to have other people around you so you have additional witnesses. But do not escalate the situation by confronting another motorist you are unhappy with for whatever reason.

Decisions made in anger are never smart, so you need to calm down first before you react to a situation. That same is true when it comes to an email or forum post. Walk away, sleep over it and then respond.

Now please be safe and smart out there.

We initially identified the incident taking place in Texas, but the truck simply had license plates from Texas.