You Are Not Welcome Here Anymore

I don't need to say your name but we all know who you are. You have been the topic of endless discussions and merely mentioning your name has turned friends against each other and I actually just wished that would all stop. There has been quite a bit of speculation if you will admit to sins of the past in an upcoming interview, but in all reality it really doesn't matter. You lied to us for a long time, blamed others and threatened some of those who spoke out against you, and I am not sure if the truth you are offering now is the actual truth.

Mostly though I don't want you to return to cycling or triathlon in any shape or form. Sure you can run a bike shop and swim, bike or run as you please, but you should not be able to compete in any of these sports.

I don't have a vendetta against you, nor have I had it out for you for years. I also don't wish for you to be strung up, tortured or sent to prison, and I also don't believe that you should no longer be able to go out in public and pursue a hobby. So go play poker, darts or golf, but in terms of competing in triathlon or cycling You Are Not Welcome Here Anymore.

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