ROAM Wasn’t Built in a Day

: Flagship brands like Wahoo gain my loyalty through values not on a feature set

Chris Stirling - you will be missed

: With great sadness we learned of the death of Chris Stirling, a passionate triathlete who was especially fond of extreme events and loved the mountains.

Planting a Rainbow Flag In the Ground

: The ITU prohibits displays of "propaganda" at its event. It added sexual orientation to the list of prohibited themes.


: In 2013 I predicted a down decade for tri (few listened), followed by a bull market starting 2019. We'll plan our future at the TBI Conference.

Interbike's Demise: For Cycling? Terrible. Triathlon? Used to it.

: Triathlon never had its own trade show anyway. Still doesn't. Still, the sport needs an annual industry conclave.

USAT to Invest Overages During 2019

: The U.S. Triathlon Federation to invest money back into sport development.

Was There a Domestique in Kona?

: And, is that okay? Here's what the rules say, and you're crazy if you think this was the first time.

Are New Cervelo and QR Websites Harbingers of Change?

: Do configurators presage changes in distribution, inventory, accounting, assembly?

The Risk Of Not Being a Triathlete

: Risk is part of our sport. What we have never talked about, to my recollection, is the risk of not being a triathlete.

Tenacity and Customer Service Can Take You Places

: Don't let "no" stop you. And, don't say "no" to your customer.

A Strategic Approach to Non Draft Races

: With Boston Tri on Ben Kanute's racing schedule this weekend, it seemed a fitting time to reflect back and share a few of the strategies he has used in other non draft events.

There is one way to become an Ironman

: You must swim 2.4mi, ride 112mi, and run 26.2mi, in the allotted time, on a course and in a race that guarantees a clean ride.

Erin Beresini: Spot On! (Wrong Year.)

: I don’t think anything you wrote is patently wrong. Just, what you wrote is about last year's TBI Conference.

Time to Tri… And a Lot More

: It’s not just Time to Tri. It’s time to think big, not small. To step out, not to retreat.

Thoughts for the Future of Triathlon

: Innovation is the name of the game post-TBI Conference. How will our mindsets, our events, and our attitudes evolve?

Winners and Losers From the 2018 TBI Conference

: The 2018 TBI Conference has ended. Who won? Who lost? It's predicated on your answer to this: were you there?

Is Triathlon Up or Down for 2018?

: For those who think anything over 300 word is tl;dr: It'll be up in the aggregate, but the median race will be flat or down.

Marshal Your Indignation

: Let's disagree on much. But those who traverse the land under human powered locomotion should be of one mind on our public lands.

Dirk Bockel offers Triathlon Guides

: Bockel presents Art of Triathlon Training and offers companion guides from coach Michael Krüger and aerodynamic expert Mike Giraud.

Why We Bought

: Two weeks ago my wingman Monty and I bought It is a temporary custodianship. Why did we do it?

Duffy, Mola heavy favorites for World titles

: Grand Finals are up for grabs, but Flora Duffy and Mario Mola have big leads in WTS World Championship.

Ironman 70.3 Worlds favorites

: Timothy Carlson rates the men’s and women's elite fields at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga.

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