A detailed look at the Ueberbike

We uploaded initial pictures of the new Rafael Ueberbike last week, and today I had a chance to look closer and fondle this very attractive new TT machine. Rafael Hoffleit came up with the idea for this bike a few years ago, and mostly thought about the aerodynamic advantages of this concept, but soon realized that repairs and traveling with this bike would be very simple too. Hoffleit has not yet arrived at the Eurobike show, but he allowed me to get my hands on it. Sadly it was an overcast and rainy day in Friedrichshafen, and thus the slightly more dreary images, but you will still see all the details.

The bike almost caused all foot traffic to stop behind me as it clearly has a unique look on this side.

Without a drive side fork leg in the way, it is easy to see the hub that houses the internal hydraulic brake.

Up close with the brake setup of this Rafael Ueberbike. The front brake felt solid and the wheel spun without resistance. But I did not ride the bike.

The front brake was controlled with a Magura brake lever, but it is unclear which brand made the hub internals.

The view of the front end down from the very narrow cockpit.

Another angle make it obvious that this bike is different.

An integrated water bottle was on Rafael's bike already when I visited him more than 3 years ago.

A 3/4 perspective of the Raphael Ueberbike.

The rear of the bike is very unique too and has some very distinctive curves.

The driveside dropout is supported in a triangular way with a plate behind the cassette that can be removed.

Yes, there is something missing here - but that is the idea.

We did not step on the bottom bracket to see how stiff the frame is without the stays, but it felt very fine.

The rear brake was not set up, because Hoffleit wanted the look for the rear on the bike to give it a floating disc effect. There is a laced wheel that has the brake set up.

Looking straight down in the driveside stay.

The Rafael Ueberbike is sharp when seen from the drive side too, but it is clearly more of an attention getter on the other side.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com