SRAM Wireless Blips Now Pair With AXS App

As of today users of SRAM AXS groupsets will be able to "assign actions to the Wireless Blips without having a primary controller in the system." Before today Wireless Blips were cheap and easy to mount, completely wireless, but you needed a controller to initially pair, which would be any road or MTB shifter or a Blip Box. The biggest ask by consumers and manufacturers was to embed pairing in the app.

This update simplifies the setup process and eliminates the need for a BlipBox or primary shifter / controller when riders use Wireless Blips as their sole method of shifting.

A time trialist or triathlete will want to use four (you can pair as many as eight) Wireless Blips, as you see here in the images: a pair on the extensions and a pair on the pursuit levers (mounting these still requires some McGuyvering). A SRAM AXS rear derailleur is still required and the AXS pairing process is unchanged. (This process takes less than a minute to execute.)

Riders wanting to pair Wireless Blips through the app will riders need the latest version of SRAM’s AXS App which will be for iOS 2.14 or later, and for Android 2.11.1 or later. The AXS App needs to be open with a cellular or Wi-Fi data connection for pairing work.

The pairing process is explained in the SRAM Manual or SRAM’s Tech Pairing video: