Pioneer Expands Meter Line

Pioneer is not a dabbler in the cycling market, and its power meters are not proof of concept. It's pushing the pedal hard to the floor, pressing its case on affordable power with the release of a single-leg installation kit ($499) that allows existing owners of Shimano 11-speed Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105 models to use Pioneer's advanced power meter metrics. The kit will work with arm lengths from 165mm to 180mm and weighs 22 grams.  This was a logical move after Pioneer's release of a single-leg model in September 2015.

Pioneer will be using its already well-established process for single-leg installations, with customers shipping their current crank-arms to Pioneer, which performs the installs and return-ships the finished product to customers in a promised 24 to 48 hours. This is Pioneer's answer to end-user installations of other brands' meters that do not always go as well as hoped.

As mentioned in previous articles, Pioneers dual-leg upgrade option, comprehensive analytical abilities using its software platform Cyclo-Sphere, and real-time display of force and torque vectors sets it apart from other power meters.  It has also made its pricing highly competitive while still providing very advanced cycling metrics.

A number of UCI Pro Teams are now using Pioneer's HD power system, along with triathletes which include Tim Reed, Matty Reed, Jeff Symonds, Sarah True, Heather Jackson.