Pioneer drops price

Bicycle power meter prices continue to drop. Today Pioneer announced a $200 decrease in each of its single-leg models, and in its dual-leg power meters.

In September 2015, Pioneer released its single-leg power meter (reviewed here), and Stages dropped the price of its competing single-leg power meter two days later. Today Pioneer announced that it will be selling its Dura-Ace 9000 single-leg model for $629.99 and its Ultegra 6800 model for $559.99. The 9000 model (pictured) will now retail for (as of today) a price lower than the Stages model for 9000 Dura Ace cranks.

Pioneer's single-leg model can be upgraded to the dual-leg system with an upgrade kit.

Pioneer also reduced the price of its highly-regarded dual-leg series. The 9000 series drops to $1499.99 and the Ultegra model to $1299.99.

This power meter has developed a cult following, and is notable for the advanced cycling metrics it produces.

This is the second time Pioneer has dropped its power meter prices. In April of 2015, it reduced the price of its dual-leg meter. In addition to other metrics, one signal Pioneer appears to be sending is that it will react to its competition, ensuring that its product remains aggressively priced.