Stryd to Launch Foot Pod

This week Stryd announced the release of a foot pod version of its running power. The company says this foot pod will provide additional metrics and features, including running efficiency and leg strength stiffness, wireless rechargeable battery, and power-based training programs from 5k to triathlon.

Stryd claims its foot pod weighs 7 grams, features IP67 waterproofing and an internal altimeter, broadcasts in both Ant+ and BTLE, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery with a claim of 1 month between charges. The battery is re-charged via a sleek wireless platform.

The foot pod will function in the same manner as the Stryd pioneer model (chest strap) syncing data via its iOS and Android app that uploads the data to the Stryd PowerCenter and enabling offline recording.

The new model will capture all the same data (e.g. Power, Ground Time, Vertical Oscillation) along with new metrics such as Efficiency, and likely a derivative of what Stryd is calling Leg Strength Stiffness (a combination of metrics) which is best described as a running efficiency metric. In fact Stryd, during its research and testing, found that Left Strength Stiffness can be a strong indicator of running economy and that whether degradation of Leg Strength Stiffness occurs early or late can indicate either form or endurance issues.

The new model will also function with all current watches that currently support Stryd Power metrics. Stryd has made a number of improvements in its Garmin IQ app and now most Garmin watches can display, but not yet record, Stryd metrics.

The Stryd foot pod will not require calibration for pace or distance. Stryd says that the foot pod may be more accurate than GPS, especially over shorter distances.

As part of its planned updates to PowerCenter to capture these new metrics, Stryd will also be including drills, exercises, and various training plans aimed to improve Leg Strength Stiffness and other efficiency metrics. They are also working with a number of coaches in the development of structured plans that will be available for purchase in the near future.

The Stryd foot pod will be shipping starting September 15 for $199. They will continue to provide support and updates for the Stryd pioneer model. Early adopters of Stryd will benefit from a discounted price of $149.