Wahoo Cycling Desk

Wahoo manufactures in 2 worlds: the high-tech, code-driven smart products carving out a place in the lives of cyclists and triathletes; and as a manufacturer of dumb metal things.

Usually its dumb metal things are accessorized by something smart, as in its line of smart bike trainers. Its cycling desk may be its first ever, standalone, unaccessorized, dumb metal thing.

tool ecosystem the Wahoo Cycling Desk fills an undeniable void. A common theme on the Slowtwitch Reader Forum is how best to mount iPads or laptops for use during indoor training. There have been a number of creative ideas posted, with images of makeshift stands. Wahoo solves the problem definitively with the release of its Fitness Desk.

The Wahoo Desk is adjustable, with a simple one-push operation and an integrated cable management system. The surface of the desk is made of a slip-resistant material to keep stuff in place. While it may not be as cheap as the home hacks invented by Forum members Wahoo's dumb metal thing smartens up the Pain Cave.

It didn’t take long for the first run of the Wahoo Desk to sell out at a price of $229 (the Desk is backordered until March 7th, 2016).