Zwift iOS

Zwift will launch an iOS app in beta beginning in September; perfect timing for those in the Northern hemisphere.

Zwift iOS will have all the same features as the Zwift desktop application but for those using an iPad or iPhone, and will have touch screen features. Zwift iOS will only detect BTLE sensors and does not currently support the Wahoo Ant+ dongle. The 4iii HR monitor and bridge is the workaround for users with only Ant+ devices and who need to bridge BTLE sensors to an Ant+ signal.

Zwift iOS will work with all models that have the A7 chip, and newer, such as the iPad Air and iPad Pro and newer, the iPad mini 2 and newer, and the iPhone 5s and newer, although the screen may be a tad small on an iPhone to enjoy Zwift.

Not sure what Zwift is? Here is where Slowtwitch first covered Zwift and a there is popular forum thread on all things Zwift.

Current Zwift subscribers will receive an invite via email in September.

Zwift iOS pricing will mirror its desktop version at $10 per month across all devices and no-obligation monthly subscription. Zwift anticipates a full launch of Zwift mobile before the end of 2016. There is no anticipated release of Zwift Android at this time.