Kona 14 Top 15 men - run

We showed the top 15 women details on the run a few days ago and today we share stats and gear of the top 15 men during the run at the 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. We are still missing a few small details, but will add them as we get them. Plus the bike features which are super elaborate will come next week.

1. Sebastian Kienle
height: 180cm / 5’11”
weight: n/a 73kg last year / 160lbs

run split: 2:54:36
total time: 8:14:18
clothing: Orca prototype Kona Dream Suit
running shoes: New Balance RC1500
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley prototype
other: Orca rubber bands laces, no watch

Kienle had a superb day indeed, and ran well enough to hold off all the chasers.

2. Ben Hoffmann

height: 178cm / 5’10”
weight: 71.5kg / 158lbs

run split: 2:51:25
total time: 8:19:23
clothing: Zoot Ultra custom racesuit
running shoes: Zoot Solana
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley Radarlock Path
other: Garmin 910XT watch and Zoot icefil cooler hat and scarf

3. Jan Frodeno
height: 193cm / 6’4”
weight: 74kg / 163 pounds

run split: 2:47:46
total time: 8:20:32
clothing: Skinfit
running shoes: Asics Super J33
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley Radar
other: no watch

4. Andy Potts
height: 188cm / 6'2"
weight: 77kg / 170lbs

run split: 2:48:18
total time: 8:21:38
clothing: TYR carbon tank & TYR carbon 9" tri shorts
running shoes: ASICS Gel-Hyperspeed 6
compression Socks: CEP Progressive Run Socks 2.0
sun glasses: Rudy Project Magster
other: TYR arm coolers, Polar V800 GPS watch, Nathan lock laces

5. Cyril Viennot
height: 179cm
 / 5’10”
weight: 74kg

running time: 2:51:55

total time: 8:22:19

clothing: Kiwami Spider LD

running shoes: SCOTT Race Rocker
compression socks: BV Sport BOOSTER

sun glasses: none
other: Xtenex laces

6. Nils Frommhold
height: 188cm / 6’2”
weight: 76kg / 167.5lbs

running time: 2:52:45h
total time: 8:22:29h
clothing: Lemonsports custom wear
running shoes: Skechers GO Meb Speed 2
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley Radar
other: Idenixx run cap with cooling function

7. Tim Van Berkel
height: 182cm / 6’
weight: 67kg / 147.5lbs

running time: 2:50:53
total time: 8:23:26
clothing: Scody
running shoes: Newton Distance
compression socks: no
sunglasses: Oakley Radar
other: Garmin 910XT GPS watch

8. Frederik Van Lierde
height: 184cm / 6’1”
weight: 71kg / 156.5lbs

run split: 2:56:21
total time: 8:24:11
clothing: Castelli
running shoes: ON cloud racer
compression socks : Compressport R2
sun glasses: Oakley Radar
other: Polar V800

The defending champion was still running in second position as he left the Natural Energy Lab, but he could hear foot steps behind.

9. Bart Aernouts
height: 184cm / 6’1”
weight: 73kg /161lbs

running split: 2:50:12
total time: 8:28:28
clothing: Pearl Izumi Octane suit
running shoes: Saucony Fastwitch 6
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Adidas Adizero Tempo
other: Boa laces (just installed in expo in Kona)

10. Romain Guillaume
height: 168cm / 5’6”
weight: 63kg / 139lbs

running split: 2:59:58
total time: 8:30:15
clothing: Pearl Izumi Pro edition
running shoes: ZOOT Ultra Race 4.0
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Adidas Tycane Pro
other: Boa laces (came with shoes),
Tekday watch

11. Maik Twelsiek
height: 185cm / 6’1”
weight: 78.5kg / 173lbs

running time: 3:07:20
total time: 8:31:06
clothing: SMASH – Fast Cat Kit
running shoes: Saucony Kinvara 4
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley - Radarlock Vented Path

12. Ronnie Schildknecht
height: 185cm / 6’1”
weight: 79kg / 174lbs

running split: 2:54:54
total time: 8:33:35
clothing: Pearl Izumi Octane
running shoes: Hoka Huaka
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Adidas Adizero Tempo

13. Craig Alexander
height: 180cm / 5’10’
weight: 67kg / 147.5lbs

run split: 2:58:58
total time: 8:36:25
clothing: LG Course Custom one-piece
running shoes: Newton IM Elite
compression socks: no – but Compressport socks
sun glasses: Oakley Radar
other: Polar V800 GPS watch

14. Paul Matthews
height: 179cm / 5’10”
weight: 70kg / 154lbs

run split: 3:03:09
total time: 8:37:17
clothing: Louis Garneau
running shoes: Mizuno Wave Hitogami
socks: Craig Alexander Compress Sport
sun glasses: Smith Optics Pivlock Arena

15. Luke McKenzie
height: 180cm / 5’ 11’’
weight: 70kg / 154lbs

run split: 3:02:12
total time: 8:38:12
clothing: Champion Systems Apex Tri suit (Saucony)
running shoes: Saucony A6
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Smith Arena
other: custom trucker hat, Garmin watch

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