Kona 14 Top 15 women - run

Every year we collect images and data of the top 15 Pros and we start today with the best overall placed women during the run, with gear and stats. It is not about the 15 fastest female runners in Kona, because after all, it is a triathlon. Below you will find the women who placed in the top 15 at the end of the 2014 GoPro Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, pictured during the run segment and with many details.

1. Mirinda Carfrae
height: 161 cm / 5’3”
weight: 53 kg / 115 pounds

running time: 2:50:26
total time: 9:00:55
clothing: Castelli
running shoes: New Balance WRC1600 v2
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley Radarlock
other: Garmin Forerunner 10, Xtenex laces

The 3-time World Champion runs with utmost focus and an absolutely beautiful stride.

2. Daniela Ryf
height: 175cm / 5’9”
weight: 63kg / 138.9lbs

running time: 3:07:00
total time: 9:02:57
clothing: Asics Compression pants, Cuore Top
running shoes: Asics GT 2000 2
compression socks: compress Sport
sun glasses: BBB
other: Polar

3. Rachel Joyce
Great Britain
height: 166cm / 5’6”
weight: 58kg / 127.8lbs

running time: 3:06:27
total time: 9:04:23
clothing: Louis Garneau Course custom
running shoes: Newton Distance Elite
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley Radar Lock
other: Greeper laces

4. Jodie Swallow
Great Britain
height: 173cm / 5’8”
weight: 64kg / 141lbs

running time: 3:08:45
total time: 9:10:19
clothing: TYR
running shoes: Saucony Kinvara 4
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Smith Optics Pivlock Max

5. Caroline Steffen
height: 178cm / 5’10’
weight: 65kg / 143lbs

running time: 3:08:43
total time: 9:12:43
clothing: F2P Sportswear
running shoes: ON Cloudracer
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley
other: regular watch, Greeper laces

6. Julia Gajer
height: 167cm / 5’6”
weight: 54kg / 119lbs

running time: 3:04:40
total time: 9:16:58
clothing: Skinfit Plasma trisuit
running shoes: New Balance W1400
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Rudy Project Rydon
other: Garmin 910XT GPS watch, Idenixx cooling visor

7. Liz Lyles
height: 165cm / 5'5"
weight: 50kg / 110lbs

running time: 3:03:24
total time: 9:18:11
clothing: Louis Garneau women's delfino racer tank and power shorts
running shoes: Asics Gel DS Trainer
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley Lake Tahoe Radar

8. Gina Crawford
New Zealand
height: 161cm / 5’3”
weight: 52kg / 115lbs

running time: 3.01.49
total time: 9.19.21
clothing: SOAS
running shoes: Asics DS racer
sun glasses: Rudy Project Ability
other: regular watch

9. Mary Beth Ellis
height: 163cm / 5’4”
weight: 52kg /115lbs

running time: 3:21:24
total time: 9:20:46
clothing: TYR Carbon 2-piece
running shoes: ON CloudRacer
compression socks: no
sunglasses: Rudy Project Ability
other: no watch, speed laces in shoes

10. Liz Blatchford
height: 171cm / 5’7”
weight: 56kg / 123lbs

running time: 3:10:16
total time: 9:23:34
clothing: Pearl Izumi Octane
running shoes: Pearl Izumi N2
compression socks: no - but Lululemon run socks.
sun glasses: Adidas - Adizero Tempo
other: regular watch, Greeper laces

11. Corinne Abraham
Great Britain
height: 171cm / 5’7”
weight: 57kg / 125lbs

running time: 3:02:47
total time: 9:25:04
clothing: Pearl Izumi Octane
running shoes: New Balance 1600
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Adidas Tycane Pro

12. Linsey Corbin
height: 173cm / 5’8’’
weight: 57.5kg / 127lbs

running time: 2:58:58
total time: 9:25:38
clothing: Saucony custom triathlon apparel
running shoes: Saucony A6 custom Kona
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley Radar Lock
other: Garmin 220 GPS watch, Greepers laces

13. Simone Brändli
height: 165cm / 5’5”
weight: 52kg / 114.6lbs

running time: 3:14:43
total time: 9:32:33
clothing: Skinfit (Erdinger Team)
running shoes: Newton Gravity III
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Oakley
other: Suunto Ambit 2S GPS watch

14. Michelle Vesterby
height: 168cm / 5’6“
weight: 56kg / 123.5lbs

running time: 3:20:24
total time: 9:34:14
clothing: TYR with a Purelime bra
running shoes: Ecco EVO racer
compression socks: CEP sleeves
sun glasses: Oakley
other: Garmin 920XT GPS watch

15. Heather Wurtele
height: 188cm / 6’2”
weight: 68kg / 150lbs

running time: 3:25:09
total time: 9:34:18
clothing: Saucony
running shoes: Saucony Kinvara 5s - Special Kona Edition
compression socks: no
sun glasses: Smith Optics Pivlock Arena
other: DeSoto arm coolers, regular watch, Xtenex laces

The Top 15 Kona men on the run will be next, and the bike features will come in a few days.

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