Saucony Triumph ISO 4

The new Saucony Triumph ISO 4 is the latest Triumph from Saucony. Yes, it looks just a little different than its predecessor, but it runs better yet.

The Triumph 4 now runs a full Everun midsole, and this is the big differentiator. The Triumph 3 already offered extremely good cushioning, almost Hoka-worthy. It is a shoe built for runners who like a softer shoe, but it’s not an energy black hole – there is energy return, not energy absorption.

Due to the Everun midsole throughout it is just a tiny bit heavier: about 0.3oz per shoe. The stack also changed. The prior version measured 30mm in the heel and 22mm in the forefoot; now it’s 28mm to 20mm. Same drop, but a little closer to the ground.

I’d classify the Triumph as a neutral shoe, suited for the runners with a good footfall to minor over-pronation. It doesn’t have much torsional rigidity but if you’re midfoot striker that won’t bother you. If you’re an overstrider, a heel striker, this may not be your shoe. (Or, you could stop overstriding!)

The upper is also a little changed. It has a redesigned ISO fit. The shoe’s grip on your foot is a little more evenly spread over the midfoot area. Very nice hug around your feet. The collar around the ankle is on the thick side, for me, and this is a change. Some will like it, others not, others won’t care.

The overall fit is medium in the width. Not wide, not narrow, right in the middle.

There were some reports on the Triumph ISO 3 that the tongue was a little thin or at least that some runners felt pressure from the laces. Okay. But no chance of that on the 4. That tongue is anything but thin.

A minor but useful detail is the reinforcement where the big toenail contacts the upper. Those who have this issue know what I’m talking about. Saucony solves this pretty well on this shoe. A good update. The outsole on the Triumph ISO 3 has forefoot flex grooves are reoriented, allowing some better energy return during the toe-off phase, and helping in torsional stiffness. The Triumph ISO 3 was already a great shoe, but the 4 upgrades the shoe with very few penalty points.

If you like a super cushioning neutral shoe but still want a bit bounce in your steps this might be your shoe to try. Available in different colors in men’s and women’s size at MSRP $160. Not cheap, but this seems to be the price point these days for a shoe of this quality. Very much worth it.