A 2016 IRONMAN Kona men run gallery

Today we share an image gallery of various professional men during the marathon of the 2016 IRONMAN World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

American Ben Hoffman had a strong race and battled all day with Andi Böcherer. In the end he beat the German with a 2:51:45 marathon to finish 4th, but was unable to prevent the German podium sweep.

German Andi Böcherer ran 2:52:05 and finished 5th on a day where 5 Germans finished in the top 7.

Defending champion Jan Frodeno raced a smart race and was strong in every discipline. The fast German closed out his day with a 2:45:34 marathon to add another Kona win to his impressive resume.

Canadian Brent McMahon was one of the favorites going in, but he fell apart in the Energy Lab. He was seen throwing up violently and yet managed a 3:14:49 run.

The 2014 IRONMAN World Champion Sebastian Kienle put up a tough fight but had to settle for the runner up spot in the end. The German ran 2:49:03.

American Jesse Thomas was dropped late in the bike segment and ran a 2:57:28 marathon to finish 16th.

Many eyes were on the speedy Canadian Lionel Sanders, but Sanders had a rough day. He hobbled through the Energy Lab and ran 3:17:01 on the way to 29th place.

German Patrick Lange started the run in 23rd place, but ran a course record 2:39:45 and captured 3rd place and the hearts of many onlookers.

Earlier in the run Frodeno and Kienle ran side by side, but about half way through the run Frodeno pulled away.

German Andreas Raelert had been very close before and hoped to finally be on the very top of the podium, but he dropped out during the run.

After a race best bike split German Boris Stein ran 2:55:19 to finish 7th.

With a 2:55:01 marathon American Tim O'Donnell finished 6th in Kona.

Belgian Bart Aernouts grabbed as much water as he could in this fantastic aid station, and finished 8th with a 2:48:44 marathon.

A 3:32:59 marathon dropped Canadian Trevor Wurtele well out of contention.

Aussie Luke McKenzie had really pushed hard during the bike segment and paid for it with a 3:36:26 run time.

A solid day finished with a 3:02:53 marathon made Marko Albert the top Estonian in Kona and gave him 14th place overall.