Saddle models renamed at ISM

Last year ISM introduced a new saddle that did not have the Adamo label but instead featured the PN1.1 name, and this year all saddles new and current follow the same path.

Owners often do not know the model name of their saddle when asked, and instead of saying they owned an Attack, Breakaway, Road or Prologue, they just said that they rode an ISM Adamo. The new names not only should avoid that scenario, they are also more descriptive. PN stands for Performance Narrow, PS for Performance Short, PL for Performance Long, PM for Performance Mountain, etc., plus each model features the padding softness number on the rear section of the saddle. A bigger number means the saddle is softer, and a lower number stands for less padding, but these numbers do not correspond to a specific height in mm or inches.

The PN2.1 is actually a brand new offering from ISM and it features a transition hook, and with the 40 number it is a softer padded offering. As discussed earlier it belongs to the Performance Narrow group. MSRP $189.95

The PS1.0 was previously labeled Adamo Time Trial. This Performance Short model has a 15 number, which means that it is a harder choice. MSRP $224.95

The PN1.1 carries over from 2015, and just like the new PN2.1 it offers a softer 40 number. MSRP $149.95

Until now the PL1.0 was known as Adamo Breakway, and the 30 number falls right in the middle of firm and soft. MSRP $224.95

Adamo Attack was the previous name of this saddle, now labeled PN1.0. MSRP $249.99

The PS1.1 was called the Adamo Road before, and it also has the 30 number. The Adamo Road has been a best selling offering for ISM, and will still be available under that name for the next year. MSRP $189.95

The chart below from ISM shows where all their saddles fall in terms of padding.