Slowtwitch 12 Days of Xmas, Theragun G3PRO

Between Friday, November 29th and Monday, December 16th we will highlight a new product each week day as part of our Slowtwitch 12 Days of Xmas Gift Guide.

Now on the ninth day of Xmas we present Theragun G3PRO.

Nutrition is often called the fourth discipline outside of swim, bike and run. Along these lines, recovery could be added as the fifth pillar. In this category, a growing number of percussion based products have been beating the knots out of endurance athletes worldwide.

Theragun is one of the most powerful in this category, offering relief to deep muscle soreness with it’s 16mm amplitude at a frequency of 40 percussions every second. There is a second, slower speed setting (29 percussions per second) for sensitive spots.

Their G3PRO comes with a sleek travel case complete with two batteries (each lasting 75-minutes) and six different attachments meant to break up even the most ornery muscle groups.

$599, Theragun G3PRO