The Dimond of Maik Twelsiek

German Maik Twelsiek had the race best 4:25:10 bike split at the 2015 GoPro Ironman World Championships in Kona aboard this distinctive black and yellow Dimond with Shimano, Enve, XLab and SRM components. An interesting side note here is that Twelsiek has several purchased parts on his bike and it is not all sponsored gear. But enough of this idle chit chat, here now is a closer look at this bike and he also shared his SRM / TrainingPeaks power file with us.

Maik Twelsiek rides a medium size Dimond and he is one of very few athletes with the new Dimond fork.

There are more yellow highlights when looking at this Dimond from a different angle.

The front end of the Twelsiek Dimond with the new fork in place, and Twelsiek just switched to that fork a few days before the race.

The brake cover on the Dimond fork is magnetic and it felt very secure. Twelsiek added that there was no rattling or other noise.

The TriRig brake comes stock on all Dimonds. But this Omega X model is without its own cover here.

Twelsiek rides an Enve Composites cockpit that is held in place by an Enve stem.

The SRM PowerControl 7 head unit sits right in front of the XLab Torpedo BTA cage.

The beam is very narrow where the seat post connects.

Twelsiek rides a Profile Design Tri-Stryke saddle.

Nothing is in that puch between the XLab Gorilla cages. All gear he he hopefully won't need is mounted behind the cages.

During the race Twelsiek received a penalty for passing another athlete right back.

A TriRig Omega X brake sits below the chain stays to handle the rear braking.

Since his fitting with Dan Empfield the fast German now rides 170mm cranks and he uses 54/42 chain rings with an SRM power meter.

Up front Twelsiek has the new Enve Compositres SES 7.8 front wheels with a 23mm Continental Grand Prix 4000 S tire and a Vittoria latex tube.

The back wheel is also a new Enve Composites SES 7.8 model, but here he has a 23mm Continental Grand Prix 4000S II tire, and a Vittoria latex tube.

Made in the USA, and mated with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 components. Cassette size is 11-25.

Made in Germany, and in action in Kona.

The Kona power file of Maik Twelsiek from TrainingPeaks.

The summary of his power file from his SRM.

Here is a link to his power file and you can follow him on twitter via @maiktwelsiek

All photos are © Herbert Krabel /