The new Shimano TR9 tri shoe

Shimano has launched a new triathlon cycling shoe late this summer with the name TR9. A few pro triathletes, including some Uplace-BMC squad members, have been testing prototypes already and we checked out the production model at Interbike. The blue one featured below is the men's version and there is also a women's specific model in white. MSRP is a very fair $200 considering all the nice details on this shoe.

The shoe is certainly distinctive in color, but it is not just about looks here.

The asymmetrical heel loop is well thought out. It is easy to grab and feels good to the touch.

Below it is still a little opening that allows the user to tie a rubber band to it, to hold it in a horizontal position while in transition.

The closure system is simple and clean, and the velcro strap on the top closure holds it in place while the shoe is open.

There is also a notch in the upper closure strap that assists in keeping it where the owner put it before leaving transition.

The shoe is locked and loaded and ready for the bike segment.

Up close with the stiff carbon sole of the new Shimano TR9 triathlon cycling shoe.

The shoe can be purchased now and is also available in E-Width for those with wider feet.

All images © Herbert Krabel /