Timothy O'Donnell's custom Trek

: The Captain America themed Trek Speed Concept of Timothy O'Donnell is an attention getter and we looked closer at this Campy equipped custom bike.

Linsey Corbin's Kona Trek SC

: Several Trek sponsored Pros showed up in Kona aboard brand new custom painted Speed Concepts and it was tough to walk past Linsey Corbin's one without a closer look.

Daniel Bretscher's Trek SC

: Indiana resident Daniel Bretscher won Ironman Wisconsin and finished second at Ironman Chattanooga and we looked closer at his Team Timex Trek Speed Concept.

Linsey Corbin's unique Trek SC

: We bumped into Linsey Corbin in Cary, NC, where she is getting ready for Ironman 70.3 Raleigh and used that encounter to check out her Trek Speed Concept.

Matt Lieto's Trek SC 9 Team

: Matt Lieto is getting ready for Oceanside 70.3 and he has his new Trek Speed Concept dialed for the action there. Here is a closeup of this fast ride.

The Trek SC of Oscar Galindez

: Oscar Galindez shows no signs of slowing down. He won the title at the 2575 Championships with the race best bike split on this Trek Speed Concept.

Chris Legh's Speed Concept

: We encountered Chris Legh on the Queen K highway during the 2013 Ironman Kona week and he kindly stopped and let us look closer at his Trek Speed Concept.

A Joe Gambles bike fit

: Aussie Joe Gambles has taken quite a few wins recently. This Boulder, CO resident just got his new Trek Speed Concept race bike and Mat Steinmetz dialed it in.

Speed Concept Makeover

: Three years ago Trek launched a game changing superbike, the Speed Concept. Today Trek announces the new and improved. How new? Not that much. How improved? That's another story.

Matthew Busche's Trek SC

: Matthew Busche of Team Radioshack Leopard Trek was the only representative of his squad at the US Pro Cycling Championships and we looked closer at his Trek Speed Concept.

2013 Trek Madone 7 Series

: We take a close look at the 2013 Trek Madone 7 Series. This road bike features Kamm tail tubing, proprietary aero brakes, Shimano electronic shifting, and a carbon cockpit.

Timothy O'Donnell gets fitted

: Timothy O'Donell will be riding a Trek Speed Concept moving forward and he was just fitted by 51 Speedshop fit guru Mat Steinmetz.

Dirk Bockel's Speed Concept

: Dirk Bockel may have a fractured hand but he is certainly not someone who should be counted out. We look closer today at his 2012 Kona ready Trek Speed Concept.

Bek Keat's Speed Concept

: Have a closer look at the Campagnolo equipped Trek Speed Concept of Aussie Pro Bek Keat of team Trek / K-Swiss at Ironman Cairns.

Dirk Bockel Speed Concept

: Dirk Bockel has finished 3rd and 2nd in Abu Dhabi and maybe the 3rd time will be the charm. Today we take a look at his 2012 Team Leopard Trek Speed Concept.

Speed Concept 9.9 preferred build

: If you're thinking about electronic shifting, there are few bikes designed with forethought, and executed with precision, with Shimano Di2 in mind. The Speed Concept 9.9 is one such bike.

Tunnel time for Yoder, Dibens

: Andrew Yoder and Julie Dibens spent the day in the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC with folks from bike sponsor Trek and bike fitting system Retul. Slowtwitch was there to check it out.

Trek Speed Concept 7.5 (2011)

: Trek has finally come out to play in the sport of triathlon. They engage in every price range with a bike that's imaginative and well conceived. The Speed Concept 7.5 is a strong entry in the mid-$3 ...

Speed Concept (2010): Worth buying?

: Never in 20 years of bike businessing have I ever seen a tri model so anticipated, and so artfully debuted by its maker. But how do you know if and when a Speed Concept is the right bike for you?

Speed Concept (2010) Geometry

: The Speed Concept is Trek's new triathlon superbike. How does it measure up, literally, in terms of geometry? Is this bike long and low, narrow and tall, and is it sufficiently adjustable?

Trek's White Paper 2.0 - The Speed Concept (2010)

: Trek released their SpeedConcept to the public on May 22nd at the Tour of California time trial. This white paper from Trek tells their story of the bike before that grand unveiling.

Trek Equinox TTX 9.5 (2010)

: Reviewed is this mid-priced Trek through the prism of a "Have It Your Way" Project One purchase which is, in our view, the best way to buy any Trek at this price or above.