With a Culprit Legend at IM Kona

Joshua Colp of Culprit Bicycles brought a new triathlon bike to the GoPro Ironman World Championships in Kona, but this Legend model is only in the very early prototype stage and was 3d printed. According to Colp he is going to start a Kickstarter campaign to make this current plastic bike a carbon reality. The Culprit Legend has an integrated front end with a magnetic removable brake cover, but the most distinctive feature on this frame is the lack of seat stays. A previous version of this bike was set up with disc brakes and Culprit kept that feature going. But now enjoy these images.

From a distance it is not very obvious that this Culprit Legend is a plastic rapid printed prototype.

According to Colp a lot of details are not yet visible on this printed model. But in the final version the vertical dropouts will be ready for standard 130mm and 142mm thru axle options.

A bento box sits behind the stem and as discussed the brake cover is held in place by a magnet. Basically giving the owner the option to run rim brakes.

Colp also crafted this cockpit for the new Culprit Legend.

The view from above clearly shows the massive stem.

With brakes and cables hidden there is not much to see, however to be honest, we could not be sure that all cables were in place.

The bolt to tighten the seat post is hidden under a flap, and the storage port area in front of it hides a mini tool.

Possibly a space for a rear storage box here.

With that storage port open and the mini tool partially out.

Culprit relies on the Ritchey 1-bolt closure system for the top of the seat post.

The fork of the Legend is also printed.

Here is the disc brake fork mount of the Legend utilizing the Shimano flat mount.

Plus the rear brake setup, if disc brakes are chosen. Post mount disc brakes however require an adapter.

The view of the Culprit Legend from slightly below.

The Culprit Legend geometry.

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com