CADEX Continues to Move Forward

Cadex has brought forth the launch of four new product offerings, all of which should appeal to weight and aesthetic geeks alike. While we couldn't actually ride the wheels, we did have a chance to look at 3 out of 4 of these for a couple of days. We can confirm that the look, feel, and quality match not only the CADEX brand but also gets closer to the TOP dogs in the industry when it comes to tech advancements.

- Cadex Max 40 wheel system
- Race GC Tubeless Tire
- Aero Integrated Handlebar
- Race Integrated Handlebar

#1: CADEX MAX 40 Disc TUBELESS are designed to be the best all-around wheel Cadex has ever produced. The 40mm rim, with aero blade spokes and 22.4mm inner width, give perfect balance of performance for a wheel clearly going after the lightweight and synchros market share of BLADE spoke wheels. With the newer technology of not only tubeless but hookless capabilities, Cadex is able to go after more lateral stiffness with less yet stronger material. One of the cool things about the Wheel Systems is the ability to true the wheel which is something that other aero blade wheel systems have usually lacked in the past. Now do you even need to true a unibody carbon blade wheel? CADEX sure seems to think so or this feature just means the manufacturing process is easier and gives marketing something to write about. Regardless, I do like the idea that if you break a spoke for some reason while the inner body and hub 100% need to be replaced at least there is a chance the outer rim doesn't end up in a landfill before its time.

The front and rear combination weighs in at 1249 g., which is still slightly heavier than its current bladed spoke competitors. But with an average increased lateral stiffness-to-weight of over 30%, Cadex is clearly going after not only climbers but also general classification contenders. This is the lightest wheel that Cadex has ever brought to market and with a $4,000 USD MSRP. This sits at half the cost of the highest retail sticker price on the market and just under the lowest.

Rim Material: Carbon
Rim Type: Hookless
Tubeless: CADEX Tubeless System (rim tape and valve kit included)
Suggested Tire Size: 700 x 25C – 700 x 32C
Rim Height: 40mm
Rim Outer Width: 28mm
Rim Inner Width: 22.4mm
ETRTO: 622-22
Front Hub: CADEX R3 , Centerlock One-piece integrated hub and spokes
Rear Hub: CADEX R3-C48, Ratchet Driver, Centerlock One-piece integrated hub and spokes
Hub Compatibility: Shimano / SRAM XDR / Campagnolo N3W

Bearings: Ceramic
Front Axle: 100x12mm Thru Axle
Rear Axle: 142x12mm Thru Axle
Front Spokes: Super Aero Carbon Spoke
Front Lacing: DBL, 16H
Rear Spokes: Super Aero Carbon Spoke
Rear Lacing: DBL, 24H
Nipple: Hidden Integrated Alloy Nipple
Warranty: Lifetime (for registered original owners)
Incident Replacement: Lifetime (for registered original owners)
Weight (Pair): 1249g (with Shimano freehub)

#2: With the Cadex wheels, comes the new CADEX Race GC Tubless Tire . I believe the reason for the tire is Cadex helping to ensure the riders’ experience with the wheel system. Pairing the two Cadex products seems to create the ultimate riding experience, while also ensuring the safety of the rider with the industry still divided on hookless rims. The recommended 28c tire comes with a 240 TPI, which for sure supports the theory that you can now make a much STIFFER wheel based on new tire tech. The re-engineered tire decreases rolling resistance by 18%. This is a great example and a reminder to the larger tire companies. Unless we really start working with the wheel companies when it comes to hookless, I think they are going to start selling more and more of their own tested rubber to their consumers.

Tire size comes in 28c with a retail price of $105 each.

Size: 700x28c
Weight: 279 g
Max PSI: 70-95 (4.8 - 6.6 BAR)
TPI: 240
Race Shield cut-resistant Kevlar®
Tubeless/Hookless compatible

#3 & 4: The last products brought to market in this round are not only one but two integrated handlebars. These are the first integrated bars for Cadex.

The “Aero” integrated and “Race” integrated handlebars come with almost the same number of size options, and they share the same unibody mold with the same -10 degree stem angle.


Stem Angle: -10 degrees
Stem Clamp: 1 1/4” / 1 1/8” / OverDrive Aero (with carbon shim)
Stem Length: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140mm
Width: (Drop to Drop) 360 / 380 / 400 / 420 / 440mm
Width (Hood to Hood): 340 / 360 / 380 / 400 / 420mm
Drop: 125mm
Reach: 80mm (72mm for 360mm bar)
Flare: 3 degrees
Backsweep: 2 degrees
Weight: 325g (420mm x 100mm bar)
Included Accessories: 1 1/8” spacer, OverDrive Aero spacer, 2021-2023 TCR spacer, OverDrive Aero shim 1 1/4” to 1/8” shim, CADEX out-front computer mount

MSRP: $699


Stem Angle: -10 degrees
Stem Clamp: 1 1/8”, OverDrive Aero (depending on model)
Stem Length: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140mm
Width (Drop to Drop): 360 / 380 / 400 / 420 / 440mm
Width (Hood to Hood): 340 / 360 / 370 / 390 / 410mm
Drop: 125mm (120mm for 360 / 380mm bar)
Reach: 72mm (68mm for 360 / 380mm bar)
Flare: 11 degrees for 400 / 420/ 440mm bar 8 degrees for 360/380 bar
Weight: 256g (420mm x 100mm bar)
Included Accessories: 1 1/8” stem : 1 1/8” spacer, CADEX out-front computer mount OverDrive Aero stem: OverDrive Aero spacer, CADEX out-front computer mount

MSRP: $650

All in all nothing really earth shattering here but I do like that CADEX as a brand continues to strengthen its offer to its customer base. It shows that the company is here to stay and you can count on a consist stream of great products to choose from when looking for those high end additions for your bikes.

- EW