Fine tuning the speedy Jake Montgomery

Talented young pro Jake Montgomery almost lost his life on September 3, 2016 when a car ran over him while he was training for the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba. Sadly that was the not the first time for the 22-year old Aussie to be struck by a vehicle that year. He was hit by a garbage truck in early March of 2016 while commuting to the pool, but the September 3 crash was much more serious and took him out for more than 4 months.

Montgomery however is back to training and racing and eager to show the world what he can do, and recently he spent time with Mat Steinmetz of 51 SPEEDSHOP to get dialed in on his Cervelo P5X. Montgomery had been fitted by Ryan Williams of 3Dbikefit and Steinmetz who works closely with Williams was a second set of eyes here and also helped with his front end contact points.

"The way the cups are designed do not let any side to side movement which is great and perfect for any bumps in the road. I've been riding them for 4 weeks now and feel a lot more control and have also got the optimal fit at last," said Montgomery. "Big thanks to Mat for getting me in on this, absolutely loving the front end setup."

Jake Montgomery on the new P5X at Colorado Multisport in Boulder, CO, where Mat Steinmetz fits his 51 SPEEDSHOP clients.

Mat Steinmetz is not only a very good bike fitter but also a good mechanic and tinkerer.

Montgomery wanted to get his arms narrower and super tight around the BTA bottle and the cradle of the 51 SPEEDSHOP cups allow that.

Time to get dirty and sweaty at Colorado Multisport.

Everything is almost in place now.

Jake Montgomery looks on as Mat Steinmetz talks about the front contact points as they are set up now.

It is time for Jake Montgomery to get back on the Cervelo P5X. Notice also the new SRAM 900 hydraulic disc brake levers.

Feedback now from the athlete for the fitter. Communication is key.

Mat Steinmetz looks on as Jake Montgomery gets in his groove.

Ready to rock and roll. Watch out for him is still true today.

"Jake wanted to tryout alternative extension shapes. He narrowed it down to the 51 SPEEDSHOP Ski Bend and Ultimate....eventually deciding on the Ski Bend for its elevation and grip angle. The ski bend shape also allows for the most versatility in regards to real estate for BTA systems and computer mounts," said Steinmetz. "The new contact points, along with an extra +2 deg of (cup/extension) angulation creates a stable platform allowing Jake to relax onto the bars reducing upper body tension and reduced frontal surface area."


Jake Montgomery (Australia)
Weight: 74kg

Bike: Cervelo P5X (size medium)
Saddle: ISM PN 1.0
Saddle height: 751mm
Setback: -15mm
Armpad stack: 615mm
Armpad reach: 490mm (back of pad)
Crank Length: 170mm

All images © Andrew Hibbitt