In the Wind Tunnel with Imogen Simmonds

Imogen Simmonds is a promising up-and-comer, with multiple 70.3 wins to her name, along with a 3rd place finish at the 70.3 World Championships in 2019. The Swiss athlete is gearing up for 2021, and took a trip to the wind tunnel to dial in her fit and equipment setup, including her Canyon bike, DT Swiss wheels, and Schwalbe tires.

The basic setup for the day included a wind speed of 45 kph, measuring at both zero and ten degrees of yaw.

Simmonds’ Canyon bike features Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano drivetrain.

In addition to this wind tunnel test, Simmonds also took part in a track test one week prior. Key tests surrounded cockpit height and angles, looking to maintain aerodynamics for her future in long distance racing.

At only 28 years of age, Simmonds is already putting pressure on top competition, with very strong bike performances at 70.3 Dubai and Challenge St Polten earlier this year.

Simmonds is using what appears to be the Canyon Speedmax Armrest Upgrade Kit, with vastly increased surface area over the stock arm pads.

Wind tunnel tests can be long and exhausting… requiring breaks for comic relief.

A sleeved skinsuit and short-tail helmet round out the equipment choices for the day.

Above image © TRIATHLONPRESS Germany, Ingo Kutsche

Simmonds will put these aerodynamic changes to the test in the 2021 racing season.

Above image © TRIATHLONPRESS Germany, Ingo Kutsche

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