Tour of Sweden training camp - the travel

Traveling to Sweden

May 16, Saturday

So far, so good. Because I used mileage points at the last minute, my travel options were limited. In order to get to Trelleborg in time for our 7 PM, Sunday orientation, I need to be in Copenhagen by noon. The best trip I could swing was 1 pm Saturday, Newark to Atlanta, connecting to a 6:15 pm Atlanta to Copenhagen red eye. Driving to Newark, we passed by Harriman State Park, which was belted in with low lying grey clouds and drizzle. I chuckled at the thought of Murphy’s Law suffering through another miserable Harryman Half.
We took off at 2:30 pm from Newark due to thunderstorms in the Atlanta area. I’m confident to make my connection, but worry about my bicycle, which cost me $300 for one way transport. I left packing until this morning, and likely took too much stuff. Jonas is unsure how often laundry will be available, so a mere one or two kits won’t do, but I have most of my good stuff with me so I hope they don’t lose my bag. I just adjusted my position on my P3C with Shane at Catskill Mountain Multisport. We only had time for an abbreviated session, but the position felt more compact, aero, comfortable and powerful on the short ride I got in this morning before packing. The new position will undergo trial by fire on June 6th at the Pawling sprint triathlon.
For Sweden, I packed my Soloist. I think the road position makes better sense given the big volume of kilometers and that we’ll be riding in a group. I want to try and enjoy the trip with a minimum of lower back pain. Being more upright will allow me to take in the views other than the arse in front of me.
On the flight from Newark I was served Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat in 12 oz. cans and Dancing Deer brownies. I’m still trying to fatten myself up for the Swedish slaughter. I've intentionally gained weight prior to leaving for Sweden so I've got something to burn and so that the weight loss from the camp will be that much more dramatic. I'm like DeNiro prepping for "Raging Bull". Official departure morning weigh in is 179, up from 176 the morning before thanks to beer and pizza.
At Atlanta I was able to exchange $500 for kroners. I was pleased to see army service men and women in the business class lounge, able to relax after what I can only assume has been arduous duty for their country. And, we’re off…..

May 17, Sunday

The flight to Copenhagen was quite comfortable. Business class was only half full. Once dinner was complete, it was lights out and I was able to grab about 6 hours sleep. Perhaps the pinot grigio and chardonnay helped with that. As we approached the airport, there was a nice view of wind powered generators along the coast spinning lazily in the breeze.
My bike made it to Copenhagen with me and the train trip to Malmo, and transfer by bus to Trelleborg were easy enough, although I did lose 10 kroners when the lock box on a public WC refused to open after payment. Luckily, there was another WC around the corner, with an attendant, but that cost another 10 kroners. The hotel was a short walk from the bus stop. I got checked in then took a 7 mile jog along the coast, which is dotted with what appear to be coastal defense pillboxes left over from WWII. On my way down to McDonalds for some “food” and internet, I ran into Clas Bjorling who’ll be joining us, sporting a blonde Mohawk.