Visualization, Emulation, Relaxation

: This is Week-9 of the Guppy Challenge, in partnership with FORM goggles, and we're nearing the clubhouse turn!

Every Swim Workout is a Race... Not!

: You can get fast in the water without burning matches every workout.

Debunked Swim Mythology

: Some swim wisdom from your youth turns out not to have been that wise.

Swimming Isn't Intuitive

: It's Guppy Week-6. After this week we'll commence the second half of this Challenge.

Swim Paraphernalia for Guppies

: Some people bring truckloads of implements to their pool session; others bring goggles and call it good.

The High Elbows of Good Swimmers (Guppy Week 4)

: Our swim video analysis forum thread is up. Let's break down your mechanics and fix your stroke.

Guppy Challenge Week 3

: Many or most elite swim coaches don't understand, and aren't equipped to teach, adult onset swimmers.

Guppy Challenge Week 2

: We're now hard into fixing technical problems that turn you from a tugboat to a speedboat.

Guppy Challenge: Week 1

: The workouts are up for the first week, which starts Monday, June 6th.

The Leave Interval

: It's a curious training quirk, not ideal, and only found in swimming.

Guppy Challenge Returns!

: Begins June 6th, with changes in this swim challenge from past editions.

Getting Started with FORM Goggles

: Introducing a new series on making your swims faster, and being able to analyze your data.

The Swim Goggles You Choose

: In 2013 half of you chose TYR or Aqua Sphere. Today, not so much. There are new kids on the block.

On Swimming: Practice Fast to Race Fast

: Add a little intensity to your swims.

Surviving and Prevailing in Open Water

: Does the open water make you anxious/fearful? Or confident/excited? It's trainable.

Consecutive Breaths for Comfort and Confidence

: Slowman leaves the reservation for a primer on swim technique.

ROKA Wetsuit On

: My dog and I made a video showing you how to properly put on your ROKA Maverick (or any!) wetsuit.

Sam Gyde and His VASA: Shut My Mouth

: Swimming 1:05 for an Ironman? Without pool swimming? I wouldn't have thought it possible. But Sam Gyde does it.

A closer look at a Daniela Ryf swim workout

: The 3-time IRONMAN World Champion Daniela Ryf is best known for her bike prowess, but she usually puts herself in a great position with a strong swim. Here now is a look at one of her recent swim ...

ROKA Guppy Challenge: Week 10

: This is the final week of the Guppy Challenge, week-10 of 10.

ROKA Guppy Challenge: Week 9

: Two weeks to go! Who has made it this far? Have you had to take a week off? More? No problem. The end will be there when you get there.

ROKA Guppy Challenge: Week 8

: We finally have something here we’ve never gotten before: a bunch of people posting swim videos of themselves, looking for instruction.

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