Breca Wanaka Swimrun impressions

This past weekend athletes from the Southern Hemisphere experienced the inaugural Breca Wanaka Swimrun in New Zealand and here are first impressions from the events. There was a long course race with 18 transitions for 42km running and 8km swimming, plus a shorter race with 8 transitions for 15km running and 3.5km swimming.

Long course

Mike Phillips and Nick Berry (Team Philliberry) won the men's division in the impressive dominating time of 5:55. Sam Clark and Bonnie Van Wilgenburg (TEAM TBC) were first in the mixed category and finished 2nd overall in 6:24. Fiona Crombie and Julia Grant (Team Tri Survive) grabbed the women's title in 6:50 and that meant 4th overall place.

Short Course

Braden Currie and Courtney Atkinson (Team Red Bull) dominated the men's race in 2:03 and that was 30 minutes up on the next team. Nick Croft and Jessica Fleming (Multi Sport Consultants) won the mixed division in 2:33 and finished 2nd overall. Kate Sheddon and Greta Truscott (Rejoov-a-Shed) took the women's category in 2:49.

With the sun out the guns came out.

There was plenty of challenging and beautiful terrain and here Nick Kensington and Mike Johnston (Team Phancybox) push hard on the way to 10th place in the men's division.

Earlier in the day the field was still relatively tight together and team number 4 (Paul Preston and Adam Wilson of Team Remarkables) paced well to eventually finished as the 2nd male team in 6:12. Ahead of them are Andrew Abakhan and John Ellis (SHAG Racing) and Brett Tingay and Matt Ingram (Jekel and Hide) who ended up 4th and 3rd in the men's division in 7:01 and 6:58 respectively.

Out of the water with only the volunteers in sight.

Like ants on the beach and working equally hard.

What goes up must come down.

Craig Nieper and Jason Low (Team Saltwater Crocs) on the way to 5th place in the men's division in 7:12 and the "elastic cord" stretched tight.

In the end it would be 2nd place in the women's category for Aroha Hyland and Alex Nichol (Team A+) in 8:27

IRONMAN legend Scott Molina partnered up with Shannon Proffit and they ended up third in the mixed division in 7:40.

Completely alone with the elements of nature but focused on the task.

Matt Sumner and Alice Coombs (Team Malice) finished 5th in the mixed division and made sure here they were getting out of the water without slipping and falling.

Fiona Crombie and Julia Grant (Team Tri Survive) put on quite a show in Wanaka and completely crushed the women's field. Their time of 6:50 meant 4th overall and a 1 hour 37 minute advantage over the next team.

The terrain was not always easy to navigate as Craig Nieper and Jason Low can likely attest.

Back in the water and thankfully the sun has come out again.

Spread out all over the mountain.

Scott Molina and Shannon Proffit (Shan's Team!) in hot pursuit of the mixed team of Andrew Reid and Moya Johansson (Team Foi Foi Roo Roo). In the end however Molina Proffit finished one place up (3rd) on Reid and Johansson (4th)

Pushing forward and forward with stunning views.

Fun with the swim exit for Andrew Reid and Moya Johansson (Team Foi Foi Roo Roo)

Braden Currie and Courtney Atkinson (Team Red Bull) in action during the short course race. Full throttle.

All images © Camilla Rutherford